Geography and Art by: Cayd


•Japan is a chain of islands that stretches north to south in the northern Pacific Ocean.

•Japan has over 3,000 islands.

•Much of Japan is covered in mountains.

•Only 20% of the land can be farmed because of them.

•The rugged terrain forced many of the Japanese to turn to the sea for a living.

•Fish and seafood is still important in the Japanese diet.

•Easy boat travel encouraged people to become merchants, traveling from village, to village with goods to trade.

•The ocean kept the Japanese people isolated/separated from the rest of Asia.


•They made clay pottery, using knotted cords to make designs on the clay's surface.

•This culture today is called Jomon. ("cord marks" in Japanese)

•Archeologists have found many pieces of Jomon pottery throughout Japan.

•The Yayoi made pottery on a potter's wheel.

•Skilled metal workers. Made axes, knives, and hoes from iron and swords, spears, and bells from bronze.