Meeting Minutes from Sept. 17, 2014

MMGW 21st Century Learning Group

Meeting Attendees

Gaelyn Jenkins, Jennifer Eikenberry, Adrienne Harmon, Ginger Avery, and Crystal Garner

Topics of Discussion

General Information

Mrs. Straka has volunteered to be our Secretary. Thanks, Rachel!

Meeting Notes

Reviewed Goals/Emphasis for 2014-15 school year and decided they did still fit our purpose:

  • Encourage the incorporation of the National Education Technology Standards (NETS) into teaching and learning
  • Help facilitate the integration of technology into the curriculum

To help us implement our goals we set sub-goals for this year:

  • Students and teachers will understand how to use Google Chromebooks and Google Drive
  • As a school we will work to implement our current technology across grade levels and disciplines

Strategies for Implementation

  • Standardizing student passwords for Google Drive and GCSD email/computers?
  • Create a teacher transition guide for using Google Drive (to encourage use and start shifting from using home directories) possibly incorporating goals for usage each quarter, or shifting items for a quarter to Drive
  • Targeted professional development lead by RMS staff and/or district staff on using Chromebooks with the thought that sessions will be by department and/or area of interest with more "make-and-take" style sessions
  • Create/find guides (video or otherwise) to help students and teachers navigate the new equipment/software/apps and make them available on the staff drive and online

MMGW 21st Century Literacy Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 16th, 8:30am

RMS Media Center

Please feel free to bring breakfast, or an item to share!

Group Members

Gaelyn Jenkins, Media Specialist, Chair

Rachel Straka, 6th ELA, Secretary

Doraine Lee, 7th Math, Leadership Liaison

Ginger Avery, Business Education

Lauren Bamwell, Skills

Andrew Batman, Asst. Principal

Jennifer Eikenberry, 6th Social Studies

Crystal Garner, 8th Science

Adrienne Harmon, Spanish

Jennifer Wike, 8th Social Studies