Best 2015 Marketing concepts

By Naomi

Puma by Rihanna

Having Rihanna as the face for Puma and giving her a line helped increase Puma's sales. Making her the face of Puma brought up sales by 8.4%. She inspired footwear launch at Puma. Growth in footwear driven by running and training category.
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My Calvins by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's My Calvin's campaign brought a lot of publicity to the company. On twitter Calvin Klein gained about 3.6 million followers after releasing the first Justin Bieber campaign. Justin Beber has many young teenage fans who will almost buy anything by Justin or what he wears.
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Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana's summer campaign had a culture mix. The background has a Hispanic background culture to it. Woman are gathered around watching flamenco dancers and enjoy each other's company. This campaign attracts many people because of the culture being used in the ad.
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Louis Vuitton

This campaign ad was shot in India. The new British model and the beautiful location in the back is very eye appealing. This clothing is somewhat Silk and Indians love silk. People love a culture mix so this is why companies add it to their campaign
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Celine made legendary writer Joan Didion the face of their ad campaign. She was an instant hit on social media. Her books are loved and her writing is amazing. Having your favorite author on an ad campaign is very appealing to young readers.
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