Application and selection process

For the army

Choosing the correct role & application form

As you know there are many roles in joining the army and it may be hard at first to pick the correct role for your self but there is nothing to worry about as there is a role finder on their website listed below and if you do have a particular are in mind then it will narrow it down for you. There is various ways in receiving an application form and completing it but the best way would be to speak to some of the cadets visiting to university fresher fairs where they will advise you and give you any way needed with the application. In regards in completing your application you will need to complete an application from online by making an account, which u will also be able to save and finish off your application in your own time. the website is ''.

Selection process

When you have passed all the required standard you will then be invited for a 2 day stint at an Army Development and Selection Center. This is to show your potential of becoming a solider doing various tests. The first test you will need to take will be a medical test to ensure you are fit and healthy to start your test followed by a fitness test. For the fitness test you will have to complete a 1.5 mile run along with several strength tests. In completion you will need to complete the memory tests which involves you to take a lesson about a particular aspect of the army and then be tested the next day on the subject. Finally you will need to go through the teamwork tests to show you are able to work in a team when in dangerous situations and then you will be called in for an interview.

Specialist & trade training

When you have been accepted you will begin with basic training and as will all jobs you will have to start with the basics and this will help ease you into army life. Your final role you chose will depend on the places available so at this moment you can sit down for a chat through your options with an army careers adviser. Most of your time will take place in a class room learning about first aid, map reading, weapon handling, tactics and much more including fitness training. After basic training you will then be considered as a fully trained soldier, then you will be sent for trade training. For time length for both training will range from 12 to 14 weeks or maybe years and then you will be accepted as a soldier in your chosen trade.