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Christian foods and traditions

Christians don't have many dietary laws but they have many foods and traditions. There is no restriction on what kinds of animals cant be eaten.Christians today deal with this issue in certain ways. Meat in India may be offered to a Hindu god. Halal food is dedicated to the god of Islam. Should Christians partake? Like Paul said, if the provider of the meat makes it known that the meat has been dedicated, we should politely decline. If food at a grocery store bears the "halal" seal, we should pray about what God wants us to do. It is the endorsement of the religion that is the problem, not the chicken.

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Dinner Menu

Roast lamb (or chicken or turkey)
Spinach or other dark green vegetable
Green salad, with dressing; or celery
Rice seasoned with herbs
Ratatouille (eggplant and zucchini with garlic & tomato)
Matzoh (bread)
Haroseth (dessert)


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