Chi-Hi Parent & Student Update

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WOGO Broadcast with video from Camera at Chi-Hi

Footage from the Drone Graduation 2020

2020 Chi Hi Graduation Drone Footage

Cardinal Country Smug Mug

Dan Loomis was taking photos as students were receiving their diplomas. It is going to take some time to upload all of his photos. Keep checking this site: to find pictures of your graduate receiving their diploma.

Dan also generously provided his password: Cardinals for his SmugMug account. Feel free to use any of the photos that contain your son or daughter! You can either have SmugMug spring and ship the photos to you or you can download and print them yourself!

Dear Seniors,

Dear Seniors Letter From Chi High

Oh the Places You'll Go

Oh the Places You'll Go! Read By Chi High Staff
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One last video message from Mrs. Goodman

Senior Letter

Click here to view Class of 2020 Senior Letter

Students! Share your memories with WOGO

WOGO would love to incorporate more of your voices into the graduation broadcast! If you would be willing, please leave a short (30 seconds or less) voicemail in the following format:

"This is ______, and the thing I'll never forget about Chi-Hi is...." or "This is ________, and my favorite memory of senior year is..."

Please leave your short voicemail by calling WOGO's Listener Line: 715-255-0121. You'll hear a 4 second Google message, and then can leave your memory!

If at all possible, please leave your voicemail by Saturday, May 30th. Thank you!

WOGO Scholarship

The WOGO radio station is giving away a $1,000 scholarship and a $500 scholarship to our seniors!

Here is the WOGO Scholarship LINK. It is open to all Class of 2020 students!

Senior Yard Signs

Thank you to ReaLiving, Chippewa Valley Financial Services, and Badgerland Printing for providing signs for EVERY MEMBER of the Class of 2020. Monday morning, staff members from Chi-Hi put signs up at all of Chippewa Falls Seniors' primary residences! If you did not receive one, please call Chi-Hi so that we can get one delivered to you!

Upcoming Dates

**See below for other important information for the Class of 2020**

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Drop Off Times

If you still have textbooks, library books, Chromebooks or other materials you need to drop off, you can come June 1-5 11:00 am-1:00 pm
Virtual Learning Platform by Teacher

Click here to see what platforms your student's teacher is using.

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May 27, 2020-Message regarding Grades

Parents and students-

Yesterday, our technology team did a test run with switching over the Infinite Campus gradebook. Some of you have checked your status and recognized this change.

Grades will be posted as a Pass if the work this quarter has been proficient up to this point. If so, then semester grade will also reflect a pass. If your son or daughter did not demonstrate enough evidence of growth in the fourth quarter, the gradebook will reflect No Credit or NC instead of a Fail. If so, the semester grade will also reflect NC.

For the next week, we have switched this feature off. However, next week teachers are required to post grades for grades 9-11 by June 5th. You can expect to see a Pass or No Credit on the report card.

Senior grades will be posted June 2nd after 4 PM as a Pass or No Credit for this semester. We need to determine if any seniors would be at risk of not graduating on June 3rd.

Thank you so much for your patience. This is the first time our school district has had to modify our traditional way of grading student progress, and we are still learning how the technology systems reflect those changes.

Respectfully yours,

Donna Goodman.

Pass/Fail for 2nd Semester

The high school will be implementing a pass/fail system for grading for the remainder of the second semester. We can not guarantee an equitable learning environment for all students. Some students will not have access to the internet to engage in online learning platforms. Second semester will not be reflected in any student’s GPA. It will remain Pass/Fail if school resumes or if school remains closed. If students are in need of a transcript with letter grades for scholarship opportunities or for college applications, we will have access in Infinite Campus to pull that type of transcript for you. Please notify your counselor if you need this information.

How does grading actually work?

Students are expected to do their best to complete the remaining standards with proficiency before June 3 on the learning platforms. Since there are 3 different learning platforms, staff will be uploading the feedback on learning in the Infinite Campus portal. They will be communicating if there are missing assessments and what percentage students have earned throughout the semester. This feedback will be helpful to parents in working with your child at home.

At the end of the semester, Infinite Campus will turn those percentages into a Pass or a Fail. If a student's evidence of learning is above a 59.5%, the student will pass and earn credit. If the student earns below a 59.5%, the student will fail and not earn credit for the course.

A Message about Summer School from Sue Kern

Dear CFAUSD Families,

We can all agree that this has been quite a school year! Thank you for all of your efforts in helping your child(ren) continue learning through virtual instruction. We appreciate you and our partnership with you!

As we all continue to work through our current reality, we know that you care as much as we do about keeping your child(ren) engaged in continued learning opportunities throughout the summer.

Unfortunately, many of the programs that are usually available to your child(ren) in our community have been cancelled. Although we are unable to provide on campus programming, we are happy to announce that we will be continuing summer learning throughout the month of June!

For detailed information, please click this Summer of Learning Guide!

From Activities Office

We ask for your help in guiding our student-athletes through a terribly difficult situation. Our "normal" season is officially over. We are going to need your help looking for signs that these students need help with. We have resources to share for mental health. It is likely many of our players, coaches, and families will be feeling anxiety, hopelessness, depression, sadness, anger, and many other feelings. If it gets bad please don't hesitate to ask for help or school supports. This is bad for all students but will especially hit the athletes as they have a great connection to each other and will undoubtedly be missing the camaraderie. We will be moving forward and continue to try and give them the best experience possible. The "normal" season may be over, but we don't plan on stopping our virtual coaching, connecting, and support until we can be back together to play again.
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Graduation Update

**We have begun researching viable alternatives (should we need them) for the Class of 2020 to get to experience the rite of passage of their graduation ceremony, even if it needs to occur at a different time or in a different way. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to this, but just in case it does, we don’t want to be caught unprepared.**

It is the intention of the high school administration team to acknowledge your achievements throughout your high school career. We realize how important it is to have closure for students and their families. We fully intend to have ceremonies if at all possible at the end of the year or sometime this summer. We will keep you posted with updated information.

  • On Tuesday, May 26, seniors can pick up their caps, gowns, tassels, and yearbooks from 9:00-12:00 in the staff parking lot located by Door 1.

University of Wisconsin Admissions

In recognition of the challenges posed by COVID-19, the University of Wisconsin System announced a series of changes to admissions policies that will make it easier for students to enroll this fall. Per the release, “The changes include reducing the undergraduate application fee effective immediately, accepting unofficial high school transcripts for admission consideration, and holding students harmless for changes in admissions testing, grading formats, and other standard requirements.”

Scholarship Postings

Here is a current list of all scholarship postings. All seniors now have access to the scholarship folder in their google shared drive, which includes all the application information and due dates.


Here are 2 links you might find helpful during this time!

Self Care For Parents:

Family Support Center:


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