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September 16, 2022

End 68 Hours of Hunger Program Information

Any child enrolled in the ConVal School District is eligible to participate in the End 68 Hours of Hunger program. This program provides ConVal students and any additional children under the age of 5 who reside in the household with extra meals for Friday evening through Sunday evening. All food is non-perishable and easy to prepare and food is sent home or available for pick up at GES on Friday afternoons. Parent permission is needed for your child(ren) to take advantage of this FREE opportunity. Please contact Karen Paul via email at or by phone for more information or to request a permission slip.
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Happy Friday!

Dear Greenfield Families and Friends,

Our first full week of school finds us a little more tired at the end than last week! We are back into the swing of things and settling in to our routines and there is lots of learning happening! We welcomed a new kindergarten student and our new preschool students visited the classroom in preparation for their first day on Monday! We are looking forward to having a second preschool class at GES this year! We also held our first all school Morning Meeting today!

GES is collecting canned goods for the ConVal Fights Hunger Food Drive through September 23rd! We have a box out each day for families to drop items in at drop off or pick up. You can also send items in with your children to donate. All donations help feed local families in need.

At the start of every school year K-4 students participate in benchmark assessments in reading and math to identify areas of strength and need. K-4 students will be given the Aimsweb Early Literacy and/or Oral Reading Fluency assessments beginning next week. Students in 1st-4th grade will take the Northwest Measure of Academic Progress (NWEA-MAP) in Reading and Math beginning the week of September 19th. Teachers will use the results to help inform instruction in the first trimester. Results from these assessments will be shared with families at parent-teacher conferences in November.

Please refer to the ConVal School Nurse Newsletter for information regarding COVID-19 exposures, school attendance after an exposure or testing for your child. You can find the newsletter here: Mrs. Slocomb is available during school hours to answer any questions you may have after reading the guidance.


9/19-9/23/22: Special: Music with our special guest teacher, Mrs. K

9/23/22: PICTURE DAY! Please see the email from Mrs. Paul or the flyer below for more details and to order online.

9/26-9/30/22: Special: Library with Mrs. Aborn

9/27/22: Lion's Club Vision Screening

10/3-10/7/22: Special: Health/PE with Mrs. Parker-don't forget your sneakers!

10/5/22: GES PTO Meeting at 5:30 in the Library. **Childcare will be available for those who need it!*

10/11-10/14/22: Special: Art with Mr. Shapiro

10/17-10-21/22: Special: Library with Mrs. Aborn

10/24-10/28/22: Special: Health/PE with Mrs. Parker-don't forget your sneakers!

10/28/22: PIZZA PUMPKIN PALOOZA IS BACK! We are excited to welcome families back for our first all school event of the year! Details coming soon, but mark your calendar for 5:00-7:00pm for this exciting event now!

10/31/22: Annual Halloween Costume Parade to the Meeting House. Details will be sent home soon.

PICTURE DAY IS COMING! Friday, September 23, 2022

Please be sure to check your email for a message from Mrs. Paul with an online link to see package prices and order. You can also print a hard copy with the link below.
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What's Up in Mrs. Hodgen's Kindergarten Class?

The first module of our math curriculum talks about comparing objects that are similar and exactly the same. In my favorite lesson of the year kindergarten gets to do my laundry! Ok, they only help me sort my clean socks and match up the ones that are exactly the same but it is a fun lesson. We also tried out our computers on Friday and learned how to use the program Happy Numbers, which aligns to Eureka Math and helps develop foundational numeracy skills.

During Literacy Kinders are working on identifying and producing rhyming words, isolating the beginning sounds in a given word, identifying and naming all capital letters of the alphabet, and matching letters to sounds. This week we read The Dot, KINDergarten: Where Kindness Matters Every Day, The Magical Yet, All are Welcome, and Be Kind. We also started our first chapter book: Junie B Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus.

Our focus in Social Studies was all about being part of the kindergarten community and school community. We began talking about school rules and what they would look like in our classroom.

Please reach out with any questions at

Have a fabulous weekend.

Mrs. Hodgen

First Grade Fun with Mrs. Barnes

This week in Math we started reviewing making number bonds and ten frames and learned how to use them to create addition sentences. We also started using Happy Numbers again!

During Literacy we worked on isolating beginning, middle, and ending sounds in words, reviewing short vowel sounds, and reading and spelling words with three sounds (CVC), writing our first and last names, and reviewing writing the alphabet. Our Read Alouds this week included our first chapter book: The Mouse and the Motorcycle. We also read these picture books: I Am Enough, The Way I Feel, The Way I Act, My Many Colored Days, The Dot.

Our focus in Social Studies and SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) is on learning how our feelings and emotions impact our actions and how can we use the Zones of Regulation language and tools to help ourselves learn and have fun. We also worked on our Classroom and School Rules and identifying and naming Expected and Unexpected Behaviors.

We also got to visit with our 4th Grade Reading Buddies this afternoon and worked on a project together to celebrate International Dot Day! Check out our pictures below!

If you have any questions, please reach out at
Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs. Barnes

Mrs. Goodspeed's Second Grade is Seriously Super!

We are finishing up Module 1 and are getting quite good at making and taking out tens to add and subtract efficiently. We love doing Esti-Mysteries and are working on our estimation skills.

Our Literacy work is focusing on listening to reading and learning different word work centers. We are also working on writing with Mrs. LaChance. Wordy Birdy and Mr. Cougar Pants, Little Red Writing, Who Will Plant a Tree?, Odd Velvet, Charlotte’s Web, The Dot are some of the books we read this week.

During Science we continued our studies about what plants need to grow and how seeds get dispersed. We met with the gardeners from the Cornucopia Project again this week.

The focus of our Social Emotional Learning has been on identifying Expected and Unexpected Behaviors.

If you have any questions please reach out at
Have a super weekend!
Mrs. Goodspeed

Overheard in Third with Ms. Heard!

We are continuing our work in Module 1 and started Topic B which is all about developing an understanding of division as an unknown factor.

Our focus in Literacy is on the elements of a story - We looked at describing character traits with synonyms & antonyms. We read Fenway & Hattie, The Boy Who Cried Big Foot, and I Promise this week during our read aloud time.

In Science we wondered about and investigated why some apples are green and some apples red?

Our SEL learning focused on our School and Classroom Rules - Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible and we talked about what those rules might look and sound like in our classroom.

Feel free to reach out with any questions at
Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Heard

What's Cookin' in Mrs. Cook's Fourth Grade?

We are continuing our work in Module 1 Topic A: Place Value of Multi Digit Numbers. We also started using the computer program Happy Numbers to help strengthen our numeracy skills.

During Literacy we read about Monarch butterflies, and learned more about their life cycle. We are also working on Narrative Writing with Mrs. LaChance. We had fun generating exciting synonyms to take the place of the verb "went" in a sentence. We are still enjoying The Wild Robot during our Read Aloud.

In Science we are continuing to explore The Human Machine Unit.
Our SEL focus is around the Zones of Regulation, classroom expectations and our classroom contract.

We are still patiently waiting for our Monarch caterpillar to turn into a butterfly! Lil' Frederick is a week into the chrysalis stage. You can learn more about the Monarch butterfly life cycle here:

We enjoyed meeting with our First Grade Reading Buddies to do a fun project celebrating International Dot Day together! Check out the pictures above!

If you have any questions, please reach out at

Have a stupendous weekend!

Mrs. Cook

Putting Us Through the Paces in PE with Mrs. Parker!

In Wellness this week students played cooperative games and learned about the three parts of the Wellness wheel (physical, social, emotional). Students learned they need to take care of their whole self- heart, mind and body to be healthy. Students identified ways to be active and make healthy choices each day, both at school and at home.

Local Events and Activities

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GES will be producing our very own podcast! Listeners will be able to hear about what's happening in our classrooms and learn about special events. Hosted by our 4th graders, you won't want to miss an episode! Stay tuned!
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News from the Souhegan Valley Boys and Girls Club!

We regret to inform families that the SVBGC Before and After School program is not available at this time. The club is actively seeking staff for all their locations, including Greenfield and Antrim, but like many other employers in the region they have been unable to fill these positions. If you are interested in the program, you can place your child on a waitlist. If enough students enroll AND the club can secure staffing, the program may be able to reopen at the Greenfield location. Registration information can be found on the Club’s website If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Catherine Kendall at

2022-2023 Calendar

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