The Thirteenth Unicorn

Author: W.D. Newman

This book is about two kids, Ben and Casey. Their mom got in an accident and their dad has to go for a business trip for the summer. They have to go stay with their grandparents. There grandma has a secret portal in her bamboo patch. Ben and Casey discover it and go in there, their grandma didn't know till they told her. She was very upset, but then she got over it and told them more about it. The portal leads to a place called Camelot. Ben and Casey's grandmother will take them there to explore, but Ben decides to do it sooner with his friend. Casey and her friend has to go and stop Ben. Its too late and their grandmother catches them. They have to stay there for days. You'll have to read the book to find out why they have to stay there for days!

This book never got boring and is full of action. it is a great read for young adults. The Thirteenth Unicorn is not a very long book either.