SNHU IT480 3Yr Topics in CIT

Business Decision Support with Excel Charts & Graphs

Welcome 3Yr Honors Seniors to Topics in Computer Information Technology - Fall 2012

The course theme of business decision making is supported by a series of expert guest speakers from a variety of businesses and industries who address the class in-person or via an online virtual conference. The presentations are focused on computer-based business decision support systems as well as what management majors need to know and understand to be successful in the job market as well as in their first job.

Course Description

This course is about mastering tools to create charts and graphs in the service of business decision making. Many business decisions are based upon supporting data and their analyses. The presentation of data in support of decisions is as important as understanding what the data analysis tells us. Businesses need employees who are able to communicate powerfully in order to reveal trends and explain underlying data. Students learn how to customize Excel charts that show trends, differences, and relationships. They learn how to effectively create stock analysis charts, pivot tables, and pivot charts to analyze large data sets. In addition to learning advanced charting features such as mixing two chart types into a single chart and creating dynamic charts, students learn how to use Excel Sparklines and data visualization techniques associated with conditional formatting in worksheet cells. Students learn how to plot data geographically on maps and know when someone is trying to deceive with charts. Case studies are utilized.

Dr. Lundy Lewis and Dr. Robert Seidman

Southern New Hampshire University