Raccoon News

May 15, 2019

Roosevelt Weekly Parent Info

Hello Roosevelt families! A few brief reminders for the week--thanks for taking the time to stay in the know.

• The Roosevelt Carnival is TOMORROW! This year, it will held rain or shine on Thursday, May 16 from 5:00-7:00pm. This event simply cannot happen without many, many volunteers. Please contact geerdes920@gmail.com if you can help volunteer. Thank you, in advance, for your willingness to help make this happen! Please have the students bring in the following items for the carnival.

1st + 2nd grade: 12 pack of snack packs

3rd grade: package of bottled water

4th grade GIRLS: 12 pack of cola

4th grade BOYS: 12 pack of orange, root beer or Sprite

5th grade GIRLS: 12 pack of Mt Dew

5th grade BOYS: 12 pack of diet pop

Bike Safety in Physical Education: 4th and 5th grade students will be participating in our Bike Safety unit next week during their Physical Education class. Students will learn about safe Bike Fun, how to safely cross the street, recognize traffic signs, proper helmet use, hand signals, and maneuvering through intersections. Please look for the parent permission slip, which needs to be returned to participate in the community ride with their class.

• Now that the weather is warmer, children are more active before and after school. This means that our children at the bus stop are moving around/playing more, and they are walking or biking to school in greater numbers. Please talk with your child(ren) about the importance of practicing good citizenship by respecting the property of others. Staying on the sidewalk and off of yards, flower beds and other areas that belong to area residents is an important part of being a good neighbor and responsible citizen. Thank you in advance for taking the time to have this important conversation.

• Get on the Beam: You are invited to participate in Habitat for Humanity's 21st annual "Get on the Beam" Campaign. The beam is a 2x4 located in the Roosevelt Office. Please donate a dollar or more and sign the 2x4. The beam will become part of the framework for a Habitat house in St. Peter or LeSueur. Your donations will purchase building materials. Thank you for your contributions.

Parade of Graduates: For the last few years, the Mankato seniors return to their elementary school in their graduation robes. Students and staff line the hallways to applaud and cheer as the graduates walk through the building. It is a great event for our students to recognize this accomplishment, for staff and former students to reconnect, and for our students to see what the future holds for them. This year's Parade of Graduates will be held on Friday, May 31.

Ann Haggerty

Roosevelt Principal