"Heart" Time Hearing the Beat?

Invention of the Stethoscope: Hearing the Heart Since 1816

The Stethoscope (steth-a-scope)

DOCTORS!! How would you like to not to put your ear to a grown woman's chest and be scared to do so? NOW YOU CAN!! With this new invention called the stethoscope (steth-a-scope) in the office or on the go you simply put your ear on one end and his/her chest on the other! Just listen to the heart beat and you will know in one second! Be one of the first and few physicians and doctors to use this amazing and beyond cool invention!
History of the Stethoscope

Industrial Revolution Paragraph

The stethoscope is a tool that we know. We put in our ears on anothers chest. Back in 1816, they would take a wooden rod and place it on the persons body and then on their ear. It detects heart beats and also can prevent diseases that mess with the heart beat and rhythm.

Just checking your heart beat every time you go to he doctors office can prevent a heart disease in the beats called Arrhythmia. Back then this had the effect on doctors because it made it easier and more efficient. Both of these effects have a big impact on both time sets and made a big difference on everyone's lives.

In my flyer I used the technique of the band-wagon. I had said that you should also be another doctor that uses this product. This will be effective because people will not know what it is and they will read that other doctors and physicians use it too.