The Nurse

People should help others

Act II, Scene V

Juliet is speaking to the nurse to find out what Romeo said asking the nurse,"Now, good sweet nurse....if good thou shamest the music of sweet news"(p. 1038 lines 20-25). The nurse helped out Juliet by finding Romeo and getting the location to where they will get married.
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Act IV, Scene II

The nurse is talking to Capulet about Paris and Juliet saying,"see where she comes from shrift with merry look"(p. 1077 lines 5-10). The nurse is trying to convince Capulet that Juliet doesn't have to marry Paris because it is her choice and that Juliet hasn't done anything wrong.
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Act IV, Scene III

The nurse asks Juliet,"What, are you busy, ho? Need you my help"(p. 1078 lines 5-10)? The nurse is asking Juliet if she needs anymore help but Juliet turns her down.
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THEME: People Should Help Others

"So help the heavens upon this holy act. That after-hours with sorrow chide is not"(p.1040 line 5). Romeo goes up to Frier Lawrence and asks Frier to marry him and Juliet. Which Frier agrees to help with because he hopes that it will help bring the Capulet's and Montague's together.
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Advanced English 1

10 December 2014