Adan Calleja, Ethan Kinnear, Dawid Ptak, Joseph Garcia

Living Underground

Living underground would be possible, but only for a shot period of time. Here's the reasons why:

1. Lack of oxygen.

2. Soil collapsing

3. Gas leaks

4. Heat (goes with lack of oxygen)

5. Money it would cost lost of money to actually build a underground houses/enclave

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How are they related to Enclave?

The gangs from both real life and the book have no rules and have a leader, and they follow some certain rules. The gangs in Enclave ¨tag¨ there territories just like gangs do now and if you go into there territories you will probably get hurt or in very bad trouble.

Zombies Disease

The symptoms of a zombie are, headachs, death warm water too much sun stiff neck only 32 cases since 2001-2010 nausea goes in nose infect eyes bugs veins burst overruns cells spreads untreated water and dizzyness