Parent/Teacher Conferences

September 17, 2020

Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences

Each building will hold

Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences

on Thursday, September 17th

from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Please make arrangements to virtually meet (phone conference or video conference, not email) with:

  • Students who have a D or F
  • Students who are underperforming consistently

  • Students with missing assignments

  • Any student you have additional concerns about

  • Please also notify all families of your availability on this day and invite any parents that would like to meet to schedule a time. This includes in-person and virtual students.

If you are virtually meeting with parents, please make sure they know how to access your Google Meet.

If you are phone conferencing with parents, please make sure you have the number they would like to be reached at. They are not able to directly call your classroom, so please make sure you are initiating the call rather than having them call in.

Please use the Google Sheet below to record conferences and share with Greg and Shawn upon completion. Make a copy of the form before using and insert your name in the title before submitting it.

e-Learning Day

The 17th is also an e-Learning day for students. Because you will be involved in conferences throughout the day, live virtual lesson streaming will not be possible. Please plan to record your lessons, provide activities via Canvas for students to work on, or make other eLearning plans with your students in advance. Remember, we have approx 15% of our students who do not have reliable internet access at home. Please make an alternative plan for these students as well. Please also communicate your plan for the day with your virtual students.