Learning Lab Notes

The First 9 Weeks is in the Books!

Personal Achievement Awards

Every quarter, we will honor students for their hard work in some area of their learning. We get to brag about each child in front of an audience and it brings us great joy and pride to recognize an area each person has shown hard work and dedication in during this past quarter. The students pictured below were honored this quarter as North Stars who showed amazing effort in the area of recognition.
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Jason- Writing

Lucas- Responding about Reading

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A Wonderful Hands-On Mobile Museum

On Monday, a STEAM museum visited North. The students were able to experience multiple hands on exhibits that promote thinking and exploration in science, technology, engineering, art and math. After a quick introduction of the exhibits, students were invited to explore and get their hands on each station representing a different area of STEAM. It was a wonderful experience for everyone.
IMG 3294
Cylinder Racing with Lydia and Maddie
Annabelle generates energy
Tommy demonstrates Building Gears
IMG 3278

Adrian's thinking about building with Kinex

Art and Robots
More Coloring Robots


A Journey Through Native American Life

On Wednesday, our historians visited Strawtown Koteewi Park to learn about Native Americans who lived right in Noblesville. Each group visited a station that represented something about the history of the Native people and gave us a glimpse into early life and cultures that influenced our daily life today.
Flipagram - Koteewi- 2015
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The White River was the highway for Native Americans.

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Reading Workshop

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Interactive Notebook

Over the past two weeks, we have spent time creating Interactive Notebooks as response tools. Each reader created a picture with an audio button, two videos, and a Chatterpix video (demonstrated below). Each of these pieces of the notebook still follow the same line of thinking- making a reader's invisible thinking visible and backing that thinking up with text evidence. Below, you will find an example. Please ask your child to show you his or her notebook in Book Creator.
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Chloe creates her video and watches it back before adding it to her notebook.

Interactive Notebook- Karlie
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Erika prepares to record her video using notes and her book.


Demonstrating Chatterpix
Emily's Book Talk

Writing Workshop

Wrapping Up Narratives

Writers have been working very hard to wrap up their narrative writing. There has been lots of revision going on and in small groups, writers have been sharing writing to get advice on how to elaborate details that will make the story come to life. Several writers have been working on editing and polishing to finally publish their first piece of writing. Some students will need to work on their narrative over break to finish it up and should have everything they need to do so. We will share these stories when we come back from break.
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Emily reads her narrative

Math Workshop

5th Grade (Kimmel Math)- These past two weeks were spent wrapping up the Geometry unit. Students practiced measuring angles with and without a protractor, created tessellations, learned about types of trianges (scalene, isosceles, equilateral) reviewed types of angles and took and corrected their Unit 3 test.

6th Grade (Jones Math)- We wrapped up Unit 3 on algebra and reviewed in creative ways. Several students created games and activities that the class used to study (see below). This past week was spent on a mini- graphing unit. We studied and practiced using line plots, stem, leaf plots and finding landmarks (mean, median, mode, maximum, minimum, range).

QR Reader Math Review Game
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Payton checks his answer using a QR code Karlie and Paige created on the back of each question.

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Bradley shares his coin collection with the class.

We always share our weekend news on Padlet Walls.

Have a great Fall Break!~ Mrs. Jones and Mr. Kimmel