Today's Sports

Best sports player on the plant.

what the players do and are.

Rolando is one of the most finest soccer players out there he plays for real Madrid and is home team Portugal probably the best player out there at the moment.Cam is a really good football player he plays for the team called Carolina Panthers and they are going to the super bowl this year good for him. west brook is a NBA pro player for the Oklahoma thunder he is probably the second best player on his team he is one of the shortest to he and Kevin Durant are the stars on the team very good athlete but is not as good as the rest.

Best players and TEAMS

Stephen curry is a really good basketball player he won the to be the NBA champs last year and is probably going back this year and he plays for the team called the golden state worriers won of the best teams these days i like them but there not my favorite good luck to him next year and hope its great.