Pamlico Sound

by Olivia Murphy

Where is the Pamlico Sound located?

The Pamlico Sound is located near the Outer Banks, North Carolina.
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Why is the Pamlico Sound important?

The estuaries of the Pamlico Sound provide a water access to many large cities. The land near the estuaries are marshy areas that contain habitats for many organisms. It also provides a place for excess water to stay during flooding.
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Animals found in the Pamlico Sound:

Blue Crabs, Red Drum, Oysters, Red-Cockaded woodpeckers, and Sturgeon are all animals found in the Pamlico Sound.
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Rivers, Streams, and Waterways that feed into the Pamlico Sound:

Chowan, Roanoke, Neuse rivers all flow into the Pamlico Sound.

Threats to the Pamlico Sound:

The population is rising in the Pamlico Sound which is putting a strain on resources. Pollution is also a major problem for the sound, the pollution is causing the water quality to decrease. Humans also have a major impact on the sound. When humans built near the sound, they take away many animal's habitats.
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