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February 9, 2020

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What Makes a Great Immersion Family at CPES?

Over the past few Saturdays, we have participated in recruitment fairs for Schools of Choice and for Teacher Employment. The best fit for an immersion family (or a teacher) with us is when their values align with ours as a school. As we think about the School of Choice application process closing at the end of the month, what kind of family is a good match for Cherry Park? 1. Great CPES families believe that learning a second language is as important as learning reading, writing, math, and science. These families know that second language acquisition is "a part of" not "in addition to" a great education. They know that most all countries in the rest of the world place a high priority on learning two (or three or four) languages. They want their children to learn Spanish or French the same way their child learned English. (Of course, the opposite is true for our first language Spanish families.) 2. Great CPES families work through the hard parts, knowing there are always hard parts for kids in school. What do we do if there are kids who have learning problems? What if he doesn't like his teacher at times? What if she makes poor choices and has to see the principal? What if two kids have difficulty getting along in class? What if he has attention issues? The "what if's" are endless and...they are all normal. Great immersion families know that whatever the problem is, it would be the same if their child attended a traditional school. And, they are willing to work with us to determine a good solution. I was principal of a traditional school program for eighteen years. I have been the principal of an immersion program for eight years. (Some of those years overlap having a traditional and immersion program in the same school.) The learning and developmental issues of children have been the exact same issues in both programs. After a long and thorough process of intervention, I have only recommended four students to leave the immersion program and each of those students had major cognitive processing issues. 3. Great CPES families see the world with a wide angle lens. They realize that their children will probably travel overseas (if they haven't already) to study or work abroad. Our parents want them to know a second language better so they can improve their relationships and friendships with Spanish and French speakers. They also know that their kids will have greater job opportunities than what they have. 4. Great CPES families know that learning a second language makes their children "smarter." Research supports that second language learners are more flexible in their thinking and have a greater sensitivity to language and listening. They know how to solve problems and express solutions in multiple formats. They navigate relationships well with others who are very different from them. They don't translate language, they assimilate it. For our kids, Spanish or French is as much a part of who they are as English is. Our Cherry Park families are great for so many reasons. These are just a few of them. We look forward to adding others to our larger school family.

Mr. Maness, Principal

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School News

Valentine's Day Parties--Your child's teachers will provide you some guidance for food and activities on February 14. Please follow their lead. We will not follow the District Snack List that day but we do need to be mindful of student allergies in our classes. We will not be able to allow homemade goodies to come because of that as well. Just like any other day, we want to provide a fun and safe experience for our children.

Back the Pack with Winthrop Basketball will be held on Saturday, February 22 at 1 p.m. Admission to the game is $5 with $3 of every ticket sold going to Rock Hill Schools Education Foundation. The Foundation will have a table at both of the entrances into the Winthrop Coliseum and be able to give out information and collect donations. Note that there will not be an attendance competition this year and no food donations will be collected. Monetary donations will be collected during the game.

Student Art Show Fundraiser on Wednesday, February 26 from 5:30-7:30 PM--Join us for the Annual Student Art Show Fundraiser in conjunction with Artome. The students have come together to create artwork for an evening full of arts! Every student in Kindergarten through 5th grade will have their own masterpiece framed & on display. See more information below.

5210 League--Our school is participating in the 5210 League. This initiative encourages families to eat more fruits and vegetables, be physically active for at least one hour per day, limit recreational screen time, and avoid sugary drinks. This week, your student will receive a pledge sheet. Please read over it with your student and decide if it is a good choice for your family. If so, return the signed pledge by Friday, January 24. Each grade level that returns 75 or more pledges will earn free recess equipment! Will your family make the pledge to be healthy together? For more information visit

Spring Registration Timeline--Please click on the button below so you can know deadlines for registering your child for next fall.

Meetings for Rising Sixth Graders--There will be a Sixth Grade Orientation Night on Thursday, February 13 at 6:00 at Sullivan Middle. This is a meeting for any and all families to attend their zoned middle school for information for next year. All of our fifth graders will visit Sullivan Middle on Wednesday, February 12 from 9:00-10:30 for a "Jump Up Day." All fifth graders in the district will visit one middle school to learn about sixth grade. The same information will be shared at all middle schools on their visit.

Rising Sixth Grade Letter of Intent for Immersion--In preparation for the 2020-2021 school year, we would like for you to confirm your intent to enroll your child as a rising 6th grader at Sullivan Middle School. Please complete this by Friday, February 14. Please click on the button below to access the form.

School of Choice Information

If you have a rising kindergarten student who has a sibling in our immersion program, please be sure to complete your School of Choice application between December 2 and February 28. If your child is already in our immersion program at Cherry Park, you do not have to apply again. Please help spread the word about opportunities to come and take a tour and the Choice Fairs below.

School of Choice Tours at Cherry Park--You can click on to sign up for a tour. If the tour slot is full, please come on anyway. We will make space available.

Tuesday, February 18 at 6:00 PM

Reminders from Nurse Love--The flu season is upon us. Please do not send your child to school sick. If they have vomiting, diarrhea or fever, please do not send them to school. They are to be fever free for 24 hours before sending them back to school. Flu signs and symptoms include: fever, chills, muscle and/or body aches, congestion, sore throat, and cough. Please consult your child's physician if you suspect your child may have the flu.

The Dental Van will be coming on 12/9/19 and the Lions Club will be coming on 12/13/19 to help with vision screenings.

Rising Sixth Grade Letter of Intent

Click here to confirm your intent to enroll your child as a rising 6th grade at Sullivan Middle.

CPES School Tours

Click here to sign up to attend a tour for Cherry Park Elementary.

District App

Click here for more information about our District App.

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PTO and SIC Information

Parent Teacher Organization and School Improvement Council Update

The PTO serves to raise funds, coordinate volunteers and encourage teachers through appreciation activities. Click on the PTO Newsletter button below if you wish to receive the PTO Newsletter: PTO and SIC are tentatively planning to meet on the second Monday of each month next year. School Improvement Council meets at 5:30 (in the Fish Bowl) and our Parent Teacher Organization meets at 6:30 (in the Media Center.) Elections were held in the spring for these organizations but all parents are welcome to attend to help provide input and volunteer. Meetings will be held on February 10, March 9, April 13, and May 11 (if needed.)

PTO Newsletter

Click here if you'd like to sign up for our PTO Newsletter.

Calendar of Events

Monday--6:30 PTO Meeting; (No SIC Meeting)

Tuesday--3:00 Faculty Committee Meetings

Wednesday--9:00-10:30 Fifth Graders Visit Sullivan Middle (All elementary students in Rock Hill will visit a middle school to learn about sixth grade. All of our students will visit Sullivan Middle.)

Thursday--6:00 Rising Sixth Grade Orientation Night (SMS) (Districtwide for rising sixth graders to visit their zoned middle school)

Friday--Valentine's Day (See guidelines above.); Letters of Intent Due for Rising Sixth Graders (See above)

February 17--President's Day Holiday

February 18--6:00 PM School of Choice Tour at CPES (Last SOC Tour)

February 22--1:00 Winthrop Back the Pack Game

February 24-28--Read Across America Week and School Bookfair (Details to come.)

February 26--5:30-7:30 PM Schoolwide Art Show (PE Room)

February 28--School of Choice Application Window Closes

March 13--Teacher Staff Development Day (Student Holiday)

March 31--Bond Referendum Vote (Information about projects can be found at; 6:30 PM Spring Music Performance for Kindergarten, Second and Fourth Graders in Sullivan's Auditorium

Cherry Park is proud to be part of #One Team One Mission One Rock Hill.

Cherry Park Website

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