🎣Save the Resourceful Oceans🎣

By: Emma Spears

It's a bird? 🕊It's a plane? ✈️No save the oceans!🏄🏻

The ocean is a natural resource. Which is anything a human can gather or find on the Earth.

It is also a renewable resource. Which is a resource that is replaced naturally and can be used again. A nonrenewable resource is a resource that cannot be replaced quickly like coal, fossil fuels, and minerals. Also the ocean is a inexhaustible resource because it will never run out.

Ocean Pollution

We constantly use the ocean for fresh water and salt. We drink water, cook with water, and bathe in water. Humans pollute water all the time by spilling oil, throwing food or plastic into the ocean, and putting chemicals in it. The United Nations Environment Program estimated that in 2006 that every square mile of ocean has 46,000 of floating plastic in it. The ocean water evaporates and the water is then used for precipitation. Some of the acids may stay in the polluted water and that will cause acid rain! Acid rain can cause serious health problems and kills plants and trees. Which takes away food from us.

How to Save the Oceans!

There are many ways to save the oceans. Humans just have to put effort in saving them. You can save the oceans by not using as many plastic items. Instead use natural resources instead of plastic for containers and other plastic items. Another way is using sustainable seafoods because of the rapid drop of the fish populations. You can reduce your energy use because the fossil fuels used to make energy makes the oceans more acidic. You should also properly dispose of acidic things instead of throwing them in the ocean.