Seasons Greetings & New Happy Year

CervantesTraining joins in wishing you Happy Holiday Season

All of us at Cervantes Training would like to wish you a joyous Holiday Season and a most prosperous and healthy New Year.

Cervantes Training organises courses for teachers and education professionals in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain under Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobilities
We help all pre-registered applicants in our courses to write successful project proposals, supporting educational staff and schools/ adult centers.
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Cervantes Training KA1 Courses Erasmus+ Staff Training Courses PIC: 929943366

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Course fee for all our courses: 490 Euros (7-day training)

We also offer the possibility to attend for 5-day training courses from Monday to Friday (350 Euros)

If interested in attending any of our courses in other dates along the academic course please contact us since we launch other editions upon request

We will be pleased to help in the elaboration of project proposal in Erasmus + KA1 individual staff mobility to attend our courses in Alcalá de Henares- Madrid-Spain