Salesian Library Parent Newsletter

Vol. I, Issue III (January 2015)

New Year, New Them

Happy 2015 readers! In the most recent newsletter, we focused on using the home environment to better understand and oversee the digital lives of teenagers. This month, we turn our focus to teen sleeping habits and the changes occurring in teen brains.

Sleep, or Lack Thereof

If the daily itinerary allowed it, I'm sure the majority of us would appreciate more sleep. As we learn more about how sleep, or the lack of sleep, affects our brain and behaviors, the need for sleep becomes more imperative. There is perhaps no greater need for sleep than during the formative teenage years.

The latest science on this matter has led schools and workplaces to alter their handling of daily schedules. It just might persuade you to start a conversation in your own home. The video and article below accompany recent research from the American Academy of Pediatrics. (Read Full Report)

Teens who don't get enough sleep suffer physical and mental health problems


As adults, we carry the understanding of having once been teenagers. Getting a teenager to care about any weight that experience might add, however, is another matter. Thankfully, teenagers and adults can now benefit from greater scientific understanding of the powerful changes under way in the teenage brain.

The following books all provide great insight into the teenage brain and the implications on social circumstances and beyond. Contact Mr. M. (See below) to lend one of these titles from the Salesian Library or visit the Amazon links provided to learn more/purchase.

In the following article, Dr. Jensen and her coauthor, give tough answers to hard questions concerning teen conceptions and behaviors.

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