Causes of the Americain Revolution

The British are coming!

Samuel Adams

He formed the Sons of Liberty, organized boycotts, and spread propaganda all protesting against British taxes. Samuel Adams was a major part of the cause of the revolution because he was a leading protest tor for the colonies. He organized many boycotts protests and acts of defiance against the British. Samuel Adams over all is a very important man in history.

Boston Massacre

Colonists were protesting about the Townshend Acts when a fight broke out between colonial protesters and the British troops. The first person to die was a man by the name of Cirpus Attucks.This led to war because it gave Patriots a way to propaganda. Leading to people thinking the British meaning slaughtered innocent people.
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Boston Tea Party

Colonists dressed as Indians boarded a British ship and dumped British tea into the harbor.

This was organized by Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty. This increased tension between the colonist and the British. After this, the British made the coercive acts which made the colonists ready for war.

First Continental Congress

55 delegates were sent to Philadelphia to establish a political body to represent American interests. They decided to boycott British goods and form militias. They sent an Olive Branch petition to King George The lll, but he declined. This initiated war between the colonies and Britain.
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Boston Tea Party
- Questions
1. What date and time of day did the Boston Tea party occur?
2. What did the Tea Act force colonists to buy?
3. What point were the colonists trying to make by destroying the Tea.


History Channel
- Questions
1. Who put the Tea Act of 1773 into place?
2. What three cities refused Tea shipments due to pressure from the Patriots?
3. Why were the coercive acts created?
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Boston Massacre political AD

This political cartoon/ad created by Paul Revere to influence colonists that the British were enemies and killed people without reason