Merry Christmas Team Touch of 31!

Year End 2015 Celebration & Engouragement

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From my heart to yours...

Merry Christmas Incredible Team,

Inside the cover of our new spring/summer catalog are the words; "We're better together... Every day is a gift to be shared!" As I looked at that this morning and started this special edition of our newsletter, I was reminded that we are so much better together when we are connected and encouraged and when we look at the positive... we are better together when we reach out to others and share... and we have so much to share. Not only the beautiful product in this new catalog, but the beautiful sisterhood that we have together... the opportunity we have to contribute to our family's needs and care.. these are all things meant to be shared.

The numbers that I will share with you below; you should be proud of. It was not an easy year in direct selling. But still incredible stats from an incredible team of women. And there is such an awesome opportunity in this new year for all of us to dream more, be more and achieve more... together.

If you are feeling that you are not connected with this, your team, please engage in the opportunities that your director or sponsor or myself offers to you. We really are trying to keep you moving forward in your business and help you be successful and want to know you more and walk the journey with you. There are several of our team that connect regularly either texting, Facebook or phone calls and meeting face to face whenever possible. We who engage with one another often, feel connected and encouraged and are keeping our businesses moving forward and we are earning commissions. Please don't let your geographical location keep you from being a part of who we are as Team Touch of 31.

This has been a year of great products, fun parties, love and laughter. I know that for some it has been a difficult year and it is my prayer that you will use your 31 sisterhood for connection, comfort and creativity and take the opportunity to begin again in 2016. That is the beauty of direct selling... there is always huge possibility within your reach. We can achieve more together!

Merry Christmas beautiful, strong and loving women of Team Touch of 31,


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Top in Personal Volume 2015 (to date)

Stacey Beach - $25,594

Lauren Matney - $21,556

Ashley Mooney - $9,198

Dana Bartlett - $8,863

Gina Parsons - $5,608

Jennifer Barrett - $5,032

Veronica Layman - $4,932

Kerrie Schultz - $3,662

Katie Smidt - $3,384

Susan Giedt - $3,242

Erica Brown - $3,193

Jennifer Joy - $3,185

Susan Dorland - $2,982

Becky McNicol - $2,928

Theresa Elliott - $2,769

Erika Sayles - $2,675

Whitney Boone - $2,666

Connie Ingram - $2,558

Brittany Hooten - $2,160

Missi Doyle - $2,107

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Top in Recruiting 2015 (to date)

Lauren Matney – 5

Stacey Beach – 3

Dana Bartlett – 1

Veronica Layman - 1

Top in Parties Held 2015 (to date)

Stacey Beach – 44

Lauren Matney – 38

Dana Bartlett – 24

Gina Parsons – 15

Ashley Mooney – 14

Katie Smidt – 13

Jennifer Barrett – 11

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Announcements... Mark you calendar!

  • Team TO2 January 2016 Meeting, Saturday, January 16th, 2016 at 9 am - This will be lots of fun networking and training. Don't miss it! Location: Angi's Home 375 W Burgundy St., #2017, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

  • Better Together Event - Saturday, February 20th, 2016 at 9 am | 355 W Burgundy St Highlands Ranch, Co 80129 (This is the new C & C title) Make sure you register!

Team Touch of 31 Total Organization Statistics 2015 (to date)





You are incredible ROCK-STARS!

Remember the real reason for this season.....

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Angi Mitchell - Thirty-One Independent Senior Director

Thank you for all that you do to build your business. It is my prayer that each of you can achieve your own goals and dreams with your business just as I am.

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