By: Stephanie Hernandez

Facebook is a website used all over the world teens now use it to get in contact with there friends or they also use it to see what's going on around them. On Facebook you can explore new things meet new people share stuff or just like show off . On Facebook you can share music videos pictures etc. you can even share apps on there so your friend on Facebook can see them and try them out . Facebook is like the most likely used as well as Twitter also . Facebook helps you get in contact with your relatives or people from like the past it keeps you in touch with them . Facebook can also lead to bad situations such as to much information being posted on there and pictures once you post something on there you never can delete it its to late you may be able to erase it but people can still see it even though you have erased it .
Here is a video to show how Facebook can be used for beginners that have trouble knowing how it works or don't know how to start it I recommend it to people because it's a good app to get to know other people and keep in touch with all your family from the other side .