Office 365

For Students

How do I get to my Office 365 account?

Open an internet browser and go to You can also access your Office 365 account from the Cox Mill High Homepage under Student Quicklinks.
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How do I log in to my Office 365 account?

username = (you must enter the FULL email address)

  • f = first letter of your first name
  • last = whole last name
  • 4321 = last 4 digits of your student ID

password = full student ID

At school, you should only have to enter your full email address to access your account as long as you are the person logged in to the computer.

At home, you will have to enter your username and password each time you access Office 365.

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Creating Files in Office 365

If you want to be able to access your files anywhere, anytime, on any device follow these steps when you are at school to create files in your One Drive . With Office 365, as long as you have internet access you can access your One Drive from school, at home, on your phone or table, on a Mac or PC.

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Go to One Drive
  3. Click "New" and select the type of file you need to create

If you are on a PC at school, once you create the file you can open it in the full version of the software and it will still save back to your One Drive.

If you do not follow these steps you will need to have a flash drive if you want to access your files at home or in another location within the school.

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