Racial Discrimination

By: Nick D. & Thomas W.

What is Racial Discrimination?

Racial Discrimination is when people are treated differently only based on their race, skin color, religion, etc.

Where Is Racial Discrimination Happening?

Racial Discrimination has been happening world wide and in some places it still does and is seen in a discreet way. Some places it's been happening could be in any workplace, the police has been doing it recently with all the shootings and unnecessary arrests without any evidence something happened. It's been proven that African Americans are 33% more likely to be detained than whites. Reports show that nearly 50% of Americans under 18 are minorities. The trend projects a reversal in the population where by 2030, the majority of people under 18 will be of color, and by 2042 nonwhites will be the majority of the U.S. population.

Ways Racial Discrimination is Demonstrated Today

  • Stereotypes
  • Prejudice and Bias
  • Racial Profiling
  • Lost Opportunities - Promotions, job acceptances, certain school achievements, etc.

How Can it be Stopped?

Racial Discrimination can't necessarily be stopped because if people don't use violence or if it will induce violence, it's technically violating our freedom of speech because as long as what you say will induce violence or contains violence, it's alright to say something. Even in 2016, it seems almost impossible, hopelessly intertwined with our nation's racial bias and exclusion. On Nov. 2, 2015 the New York Times released an article on how blacks have been excluded from juries. Which just comes to show that even our own government that fought for all equal rights for everyone, are now excluding blacks from doing that Americans must do. Therefore we must show people what racial discrimination does to people or what is said to others and show them that racial discrimination is wrong.