An Interview with Mrs. Crain

By: Skylar West

The amazing Mrs. Crain

Mrs. Crain is an amazing teacher because she goes above and beyond of just being a teacher she becomes almost like a mother to most kids.

Mrs. Crain got her Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry at Abliene Christian University (ACU).

Mrs.Crain began teaching at Everman High School, then went to North Crowley HIgh School, then went to Pikes Peak Christian School, then came to Haltom High School.

Observation of the classroom

Class she teaches:
  • Chemistry (10) but some grade levels change
Environment of class:
  • Small class
  • Pink classroom
  • Quiet but talks a lot
  • Lots of labels in the classroom
  • Has CHAMPS listed in classroom
Strategies in class:
  • Passes out worksheets
  • Helps students with questions that they have
  • Reads over the board
  • Independent work
  • Tells students to turn in assignments
Management in classroom:
  • Takes roll
  • Went over CHAMPS
  • goes over notebook table of contents
  • goes over assignments and homework
Hours put in a week:
  • 50-60 hours a week
Scale 1-10 (self-motivation needed):
  • 10
Biggest challenge as a teacher:
  • "Not being able to control what happens to the kids outside of school."
Biggest reward from teaching:
  • "Being a piece of the puzzle that makes up what someone is."
**** Goes above her limits of being a teacher.****