Baking Lessons

Learn to make your favourite desserts!

Baking Lessons Taught by Rakshicaa Thirumuruka

Camp RNT provides baking lessons taught by Rakshicaa Thirumuruka and her friends Nishita Gandhi and Tehseen Ujjainwala. You will learn how to make various desserts. For example cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, etc. Your child will learn how to make all these desserts, from scratch and make it taste delicious. It will taught and executed safely but your child will have allot of fun!


I, Rakshicaa Thirumuruka will be teaching the baking lessons and I have a lot of experience with the field of baking. Qualifications: I have experience in first aid (completed up to top level of swim levels), I have experience baking for a trade show, I have experience baking variety of desserts, I have experience tutoring younger kids, I have experience babysitting (dealing with kids), I have completed grades 1-8 in successful school.

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We offer three activities which are all taught by Nishita Gandhi, Rakshicaa Thirumuruka and Tehseen Ujjainwala. We believe summer should be fun yet beneficial for future years.