Radhika Dixit

Activa Honda - first scooter that attract Indian with its versatile feature and exciting price

Honda came to India in 2001 and launched its first scooter here. The first Honda scooter was the Activa Honda. In India, scooter is the preferred as family vehicle of middle and lower class. A two - wheeled scooter is a must for ordinary families in India vehicle. Although Activa has been a popular scooter for all these years, there was a need for change in the style trend of this scooter. A new Activa was recently released with new Activa Honda having front and rear feature as well as unbeatable Activa Price. The front of the Activa was redesigned to have more curves, redesigned lamps and better aerodynamics. On the back of the bike, clear indicators of rotation of the lens are provided. The total weight of the bike is reduced by introducing impact resistance ABS plastic panels.

This new Activa offers better performance by the presence of the new engine. It is equipped with 109cc 4 - stroke engine that delivers maximum power of 8 hp at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 9 Nm at 5,500 RPM. However, the capacity of the fuel tank is reduced due to the presence of larger engine. This scooter is considered highly reliable because of the better built quality. One of the unique features of this new Activa is its tuff up technology features. Because of this technology, this scooter has tires having bi-layers tubes filled with fluid in between. It is resulting in less puncturing unit, since seals the air leakage if any puncture. In addition, there is a combined braking system (CBS), but is only available on luxury model. This feature is found in Honda models that balances the front and rear brakes. Whenever a rear brake is applied, the CBS the front braking force for better balance is applied. This two wheeler scooter is popular enough among every class of people in India.

Other advanced features provided in this scooter include pedal mechanism auto start and automatic transmission with a maximum speed 80 kilometers per hour. This scooter is easy to maintain because it has easy- to- use features. It has multi-reflector lamp head and liftable cover independent motor. Moreover, you can hide the helmet or anything else to a hidden space between the seats carefully designed. This scooter has become high by 17 mm; its ground clearance remained equal to 145 mm. There are two variants of this scooter that is standard active and Active luxury with a small difference in price. You can know more about features and Activa 125 price in Vasai, Activa 3g Price in Vasai at any trustworthy, reliable and reputable online store.