Think Tank in Third

Weekly Update- January 20, 2017

Week at Glance

Reading- We continued to talk about figurative language this week and have done a great job using text evidence to describe the characters in our new read aloud. Mrs. Callahan and I did AIMSweb testing during guided reading to test reading fluency.

Math- We've continued discussing multiples and looking at patterns in sets of multiples. We have charted the multiples of 2 on a large number line and will continue to do so for numbers 3-12. This will allow students to see number patterns and common multiples.

Social Studies- Yesterday we went to the high school economics class to play games that students created based on our feedback. We the voted for our favorite toy!

Click here to see the homework menu of the week.

Art Volunteers

Mrs. Losinski is going to be starting clay with students who are in Miss Pratt's homeroom. If you would like to volunteer to help with this, please email and let me know so I can pass your info on to her.

Our Art time is from 10:20-11:00, and she would coordinate the days with you, as our art days differ from week to week.

Valentine's Day Party

Our Valentine's Day party is quickly approaching, and I know Colleen and Jenny have already started working on plans. We will be sending information out to you soon about volunteers.

We will make Valentine's boxes the day of the party, so no need to make them at home.

Student Teachers

Mrs. Callahan and I both have students in from OSU Newark who are doing observation hours in our classroom for their teacher preparation. Their names are Ms. Bishop and Ms. Novak. We are looking forward to having them in our classroom.