Digital Footprint

By: Angela Salazar

What is a Digital Footprint?

A Digital Footprint is the mark you leave when you like, share or make a post.It is what you search online, what you post online. Your Digital Footprint can and will affect you based on what you do online.

My Digital Footprint

My Digital Footprint consists of many Social Medias and a Blog. I used my blog, DIY Life, my LinkedIn account and my Pinterest account to represent my Digital Footprint. I made a few bad choices on my Facebook and on my Instagram, but these Social Medias do not represent me.

How Does Your Digital Footprint affect Your Future?

If you post, like or even share harmful, nasty things on the internet, everyone can see it, even future employers. Employers want to make sure that the person representing that job or company is not someone who is hurtful and bad mouths many people, they want a nice civilized employee. You can lose jobs, job offers, and even college offers. Employers or colleges will find your profile online, and see what you do online.

If you post good things, like compliments and sharing a charity organisation post, you can get job offers and college offers. If you do positive things, your outcome will be positive, but if you do negative things, your outcome will be negative.

What Can You Do Keep Your Digital Footprint Clean?

  • You can start off by not posting, liking, sharing, or re-posting bad posts with profanity, or without hurtful words.
  • You can send out positive words around social media and share good posts that support organisations that will help everyone.
  • You can make a blog about keeping your Digital Footprint clean and help spread the word.
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What Is the Most Important Thing I Learned This Semester?

I think the most important thing I learned this semester is how to not like, share, re-post, or post bad posts. I like a lot of posts my friends make, and they sometimes include profanity or something mean. I learned that every time I like a post, everyone and anyone can see it, including my parents and teachers.