Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone. The Greatest Frontier Man Known.


Daniel Boone. He's known as one of the most adventurous and accomplished man back in the time of Westward Exploration. Some of his feats included; blazing a trail where no man dared, saving his daughter from the Indians, defending multiple settlements in unknown territory, fighting in the French and Indian War, and so much more.

General Description

Daniel Boone was an American legend everyone knew, he saved his daughter from Indians in 1776, but eventually lost his Kentucky land due to taxes in 1798. However, without him, we wouldn't have been able to move west through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky in 1769, settled into the land that we had purchased in 1775, survived Indian attacks on forts such as the attack on Fort Boonesborough in 1778, or learned how to survive in the wilderness. He blazed the way for the rest of the settlers into the West.

Important Events in Daniel Boone's LIfe

Captured and Escape from the Indians

Daniel Boone was captured by the Shawnee tribe in 1778, he was held hostage for 5 months before finally escaping from them. After he escaped from the Indians, he went back to protecting his settlement in Kentucky.

Fort Boonesborough Defense in 1778

This is the time where Fort Boonesborough survived a major Indian siege on the fort. It lasted nine days and Daniel Boone played a major role in making sure the settlement he created would last the siege by the Indian tribe.

Boonesborough turns on Daniel Boone

In 1788, on his way to buy land permits for the settlers he was robbed. When he returned to the fort, the settlers that gave their money to him to buy land permits demanded he repay them and some even sued him. Eventually he left Boonesborough, the fort he had brought up from the ground and turned into a town.

The Loss of His Kentucky Land Due to Taxes

Daniel Boone was a very respected leader and highly respected among the people as well as serving in the Virginia assembly, he was not a good man in business and eventually lost all his lands due to taxes.

Daniel Boone's Accomplishments

Daniel Boone has had many achievements during his life. He and a group of men paved the way for American settlement of the west by carving out the Wilderness Road/Trail. His personal achievement was when he saved his daughter and her friends from Indians in a few days rather than multiple weeks. He used his knowledge of the tribes and the wilderness to be able to do this feat. This was what he was mostly known for besides the discovery of the Wilderness Road. Due to him being well respected by many people he also served in the Virginia assembly. He preferred to be in the wilderness rather than the city and later left after he was done. Daniel Boone in his life time has had more experience in the wild than a ton of people now and his achievements helped better America.

Impact on Indians

The Native Americans were hostile towards the settlement that Daniel Boone had created and therefore attacked the settlers many times as well as the fort itself. His daughter was captured by the Indians as well as Boone himself. He later rescued his daughter and escaped after 5 months of captivity. The Indians attacked the forts very often and ambushed the settlers as much as possible in the hope of driving them from their land. In return the settlers continued to fight against the Indians and killing many of them.

Impact on Settlers

Daniel Boone’s discovery of the Wilderness Trail was one of the greatest achievements in the discovery and moving into the land we had purchased from the French. His discovery allowed settlers to move into the West easier than before instead of having to take a long sea trip or through the mountains to get to the West.

Impact on the Nation

Daniel Boone’s wilderness skill helped many people while they were moving West, finding the Wilderness trial made sure that fewer people died on the way to the West. The territory that we had acquired from the French was filled with hostile Indians. Boone’s settlement in Kentucky wasn’t very well received by the Indians and was attacked many times.

Key People/Individuals

Daniel Boone was the main person as it was his life that is this topic. However Judge Richard Henderson greatly affected his life because he was the one who choose Daniel Boone to lead his Transylvania Company. Due to this, Daniel Boone was able to bring people to the west and create For Boonesborough. However the main groups of people that affected Daniel Boone’s life was the Indians and the settlers. The Indians provided the challenge of living in the West and was an immense obstacle to the expansion of the US. The settlers were one of the reasons that Boonesborough was created by Daniel Boone and therefore was one of the main reasons the Daniel was a very successful person.


The Wilderness Road that Daniel Boone "created" so to speak, was a key transportation route for animals of burden such as; cattle and horses, other animals; sheep and pigs, and the mail service. Not only this, but the settlers also brought seeds with them to plant when they arrived and settled in Kentucky or wherever they were going. Due to this Kentucky was known as the home for the thoroughbred industry for the horses that arrived from there.


If Daniel Boone was still alive he'd say that it was Manifest Destiny that he discovered the trail through the Cumberland Gap. Manifest Destiny was an idea that all settlers agreed on, that America would stretch from coast to coast and no one would get in the way of that happening because it was our destiny according to God. Daniel Boone helped our country in the discovery and settlement of the West. Without him we would never have moved through the Appalachians as quickly or as safely and we wouldn't ever have known what was out there for our country if it wasn't for him. As Hubert Humphrey once said "There is in every American, I think, a little bit of the old Daniel Boone- who, when he could see the smoke from another chimney, felt himself too crowded and moved further out into the wilderness." It was our country's manifest destiny to move west and Daniel Boone helped us learn what we knew about the West back then and became a legend that no one will forget.