Influential Civil Rights Leaders

By: Sydney Singh

Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK was very famous and influential leader during the Civil Rights Movment who will be remembered forever. MLK influenced millions of people ranging from white to black. Although most of his followers and supporters at first were African American citizens. He supported the idea of non violent protests. Many of his followers supported this idea at first. Until another leader by the name of Malcom X came up with a new form of protest many people liked his idea more then the non violent protest. I believed that MLK's idea was the right thing to do because that is what got the Norths attention and the nonviolent protests made the whites look like the bad guys.
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Malcolm X

Malcolm X also in influential leader who creates a new way to protest which appealed to many African American's. The new idea of protest was the opposite of MLK's idea of nonviolent protesting. Malcom X's idea lead to the Black Power Movment in the late 1960's-1970's. Malcolm became a powerful leader for the Nation of Islam which intertwined both Black nationalism and Islam. His idea was instead of doing nothing while beaten because of your color (nonviolent protest) that when you get hit then you simply fight back. Malcolm X was proud of his color and was tired of being pushed around not being able to stand up for himself. I believe that this idea is not the right thing to do but if you put yourself in their position you would get tired of turning the other cheek so even though its not right to fight back you can't help yourself in doing so.
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Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was an outstanding lady who will be remembered for being brave and standing up for Black Nationalism. She was "the first lady of Civil Rights" when more people heard about her incident on the bus African Americans started a boycott against buses. She stood up for herself and didn't let anyone push her around. Rosa Parks was known by many and basically help change integrated busses. Many believe what Rosa did was very inspiring. Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr are very influential leaders during the Civil Rights Movement.
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