Puckett's Mill 3rd Grade Newsletter

September 25, 2015

A note from the teachers...

Dear Parents,

We enjoyed meeting with each of you this week! We will be beginning our multiplication unit next week. Linked below are some games students can play to help increase their multiplication fact fluency. We will also be working on these in class, but any extra they can do at home would be great!

Have a great weekend!!

~Third Grade Teachers

What are we doing next week?

  • Reading – Students will learn about homophones, homographs, multiple meaning words, and dictionary skills with multiple meaning words. Students will continue reading their leveled books, and teachers will be meeting with students to assess fluency and comprehension.
  • Writing – Next week we will begin writing opinion pieces. Your child will learn how to state their opinion and support it with information from an assigned article we will read as a class.
  • Word Study/Spelling - This week, students will learn the prefix "pre" which means before. We will learn how the prefix changes the meaning of the base word. Monday, your child will be given a list with examples of pre- words to place in their agenda binder. They do not have to learn to spell the words, but should learn the meanings and how to use them correctly. Our Word Study Quiz on these words will be on Friday, October 2nd.
  • Grammar - Next week we will continue to learn about the 4 types of sentences. We will also learn Capitalization rules.
  • Math – Next week we will finish our subtraction unit with a test on Tuesday. On Wednesday we will begin our multiplication unit. If you have not already, please have your child start reviewing their basic multiplication facts. This will help them tremendously in this unit!! Here are a few games they can play for review: Pac-Man Multiplication, Fruit Shoot Multiplication, and Multiplication Picnic.
  • Social Studies - We will continue with our social studies unit on government. Next week, students will learn more about the 3 branches of government as well as the separation of powers. Students can use their Interactive Notebook to study for the Government test that will be Friday. You can also visit Quizlet for the important vocabulary words that will be on the quiz Monday.