Power Hour 2017

By: Chelsea Wagner

My Main Question

What separates men's sports from women's sports?

The part of it that is unfair!

The topic of men and women’s sport salary can be argued either way.

The total prize pool for the 2015 women’s world cup was $15 million dollars and if you think that’s a lot the total prize pool for the men’s world cup was $576 million!

The women took home $2 million for winning the whole thing and for the men they got $9 million for getting kicked out in the 16th round!

What the US women's team has done for US soccer

Women get payed less because their sport makes less

Claim: The woman’s US national team is better than the men’s US national team.

Evidence: Carly Lloyd scored 3 goals in the first 15 minutes of the World Cup Finals. Her last goal was scored from mid-field!

My Point: The US women’s team has represented the US soccer world much better than the men’s team. The men are loosing most of their games and the women are winning almost all of them! The US men’s team wasn’t even in the last Olympics.

Women's World Cup Final: USA vs. Japan - FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 Highlights

What the US men's team has done for US soccer

The men's team has won very few games this year and last year, they didn't even qualify for the Olympics! They have good players like Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, and Matt Besler, but a couple good players can't win every game for the team!

Why the women should get payed more or the same as men

The US women's team train and work as hard or harder than the men but somehow the women are earning a lot less than the men. Sometimes the women can play better or just be better than the men and they still get payed way less than the them! The men earn a $5,000 dollar bonus for every game played!


Women's Salary- $6,000-$500,000
Men's Salary- $500,000-$10,000,000

A quote from Carli Lloyd

"We're tired of getting paid just 40% of what the members of the men's team make!"-Carli Lloyd


The problem is not just in soccer...........

Women’s middle and long distance events were banned for 32 years. Not until 2008 did women have all the same events on the Olympic track as men.

What everyone thinks..........

When it comes to sports or anything competitive a lot of people think that the men will always win. That's not always the case! Women can be faster than the men and the men could be faster than the women.

I would like to help fix this problem because I feel really strongly about womens equal rights with men and that includes equal pay for jobs and sports!