Nuclear Energy

Is nuclear power a better source of energy than fossil fuels

The Problem

Can Nuclear Energy be an alternate solution besides Fossil Fuels?

Background information

Problem to Research: Is nuclear energy a better source of energy compared to fossil fuels?

Background Information

Nuclear power is made by taking uranium from the ground ( Which we have an abundance of) and will create heat. The heat is caused through the process of a fission reaction, which is when you split the nucleus of the atom. When the nucleus is split it creates heat, and the heat is put in the water to cause the waters atoms to speed up, and turn into steam. The steam is what drives generators to make energy for our homes and such.

Arguments of the issue

Arguments On One Side of the issue

  • Using nuclear energy can have great benefits such as it can substitute for natural gas.

  • Makes jobs

  • cheaper than oil and gas

  • Lots of uranium in the ground

  • Releases no chemicals into the air

  • It causes less problems in the atmosphere rather than using fossil fuels for energy.

  • Since we are running out of fossil fuels and we have a lot of uranium in the ground it provides a lot of energy. There is an abundance of it the ground.

  • Running a nuclear power plant is quite cheap compared to other form of power.

Arguments On the Other Side of the Issue

  • The radioactive waste take thousands of years to become non hazardous

  • Radiation can cause harm to human cells

  • Gives off high energy particles

  • nuclear waste takes up so much room

  • In Chernobyl a nuclear power plant exploded causing deaths and the are to be inhabitable for 2500 years