initiated by ILC in Africa Region

Scorecard initiative

¨Responding to the commitments made by the AU Head of States in the Declaration on Land Policy Framework and Guidelines (LPFG), ILC Scorecard is developed to support the implementation of F&G, through monitoring the set Indicators

The F&G Scorecard process seek to give voice to different viewpoints leading to effective advocacy through stimulating constructive dialogue and policy debate

¨Scoring is based on a wide range of evidence(Government & Research Institutions & CS) including quantitative data if available, desk review and analysis (e.g. of laws, policies, implementation framework).

Why the Scorecard!

ALPFG considers highly important progress tracking in land policy development and implementation as it gives African governments the opportunity to learn from past successes as well as failures, and to make timely re-adjustments
Consequently, the F&G calls for the development of a set of benchmarks (Chap.6), targets and indicators to assist African countries assess over time, progress (or lack of it) in the implementation of the F&G ie. national land policy processes


Scorecard Thematic Area

1.The land policy development process

2.The land policy implementation process

3.Appropriate institutional framework

4.Adequate resource allocation (financial, human, technical)

5.Legal framework

6.Strengthening the tenure security of women

7. Centrality of land in the development process..

The Scorecard project is leaded by RISD RWANDA

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