The Casting Gym is ready to guide kids in an exciting career

Get ready for this special class - Saturday January 30 - Don't miss out as seats are limited.

AGES 7-10 & 11-16 YRS

Content creation is a rewarding path into the entertainment industry.

The goal in these classes is to REMIND KIDS how to be UNIQUE & FIND THEIR OWN WAYS to express themselves in a safe, fun, exciting way in online gaming.

Examples will be given of the free and paid software needed in order to get started as well as exploring the different types of YouTube professionals and why they are so popular. Voice and characterization is what makes their channels grow and make a profitable income making just ONE video per month!

Kids ages 7-10* parents are invited although is may get cramped :)

Think of this class as a "How to Get started on youtube" because while alot of these kids might aim toward gaming it is still a good for parents to get involved if their child also enjoys cooking, makeup tutorials, skits, etc. We want to give the kids a place to SHARE these creative things they do AND for me to be able to share them as Casting Gym members!

In our younger class, as this is the first of many, the majority may be q&a with the parents and kids as John slowly shows all how to set up a youtube channel and identify some things their child enjoys. For the older kids first class we will also cover topics such proper lighting, recording quality, good sound quality and the myriad other things. There is so much to learn, breaking it up will not overwhelm everyone but see where it could lead with some good basic foundations.

I am excited to share The Casting Gym new team member, John Kramer. John has been involved over the past 5 years with numerous youtube animators, producers, and writing teams to create content that has reached tens of millions of viewers. Having been involved with these talented individuals, John has carried the skills he has learned from this new and exciting field in the entertainment industry back to more traditional fields where has has worked on various radio and pod casting projects that can be found on websites such as,,, and many other large distribution platforms. Through his familiarity with these distribution platforms John has been able to reach out and work with the video gaming industry as a voice actor and sound designer and more recently a game developer himself!

A few of the projects/companies John has worked with:

This class is the BEGINNING of many to come in this exiting series!

Class price: $65 for Casting Gym Members ($85 to Non CGM)

Saturday, January 30

11:00AM-1:30PM Ages 7-10

2:30PM-5:00PM Ages 11-16

Email for a Paypal invoice to reserve your seat today!

Seating is limited to 10 MAX.

The Casting Gym

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