Steven Hernandez

About me

My Family

My parents were born and raised in the U.S. and my grand parents are from Mexico.Both sides from my dad's and moms.I have two sisters and no brothers.Every year we have a family vacation.My favorite trip was when we went to Chicago .We have special holiday tradition in my family.We have three baby jesus and have rosaries for them.We have traditional tamales,pozole and sweet pasteries with hot chocolate.

Stuff I like to do outside

Things I like to outside is like to play video games.I will play soccer and football outside.I like to read graphic novels.

Favorite subject

I love Social Studies,last year I was the top student in the whole 6th grade student body.This is my favorite subject due to the history that happened before I was born.

My goals

My goals for this year are to pass all my STAAR test,pass all my honors classes,and get promoted to the 8th grade.My future goals is too get scholarship for college to continue my education.

Learning style

The way I learn is to focus,pay attention, take notes and stay on task.