Curacao Times

By Marcus James

A blind boy Named Phillip Enright Found on Island

A blind boy named Phillip Enright found on island he was stayed on an island in the devils mouth with a old black man named Timothy and we got to sit down and ask Phillop and ask him some quesends.

Interview with Phillip

Interview with Phillip

CT: Why were you going one the ship in the first place?
Phillip:Me and my mother were going to Miami so we could be away from the war.

CT: How did you end up in the boat?
Phillip: I dont now how because when i fell something hit me in the head and i woke up in a boat with Timothy.

CT: Who is timothy?
Phillip: He was an old black man with an strange axent and he didn't now were he was born or how old he was.

CT: How did you become blind?
Phillip: Timothy said it was from looking at the sun and he told me a story of a man that it happened to and he said it would be gone in couple of days but it didn't.

CT:How lone were you and Timothy out there?
Phillip: I don't now acackly but I think I left on April and got back on august.

CT: How did you get food and water?
Phillip: Timothy got nails from wood and made hooks and then made fishing poles and we fished and he made water catcher to get the water when it rained.

CT: How did Timothy pass?
Phillip: There was a tornado and the water ripped his back and he shielded me form it and I don't now how but I think he passed from being exhausted.

CT: Who was the cat?
Phillip: The cats name is stew cat and when i woke up he was there and Timothy thought that he was bad luck to hurt the cat so we kept him.

CT:What kept you alive?
Phillip:It was Timothy and stew cat and it wasn't only physical but mentaly.

CT: What did you things did you make.
Phillip:We made fishing poles water kegs a hut and many other things.

Curacao Weather

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Curacao Weather

Its going to be in the mid 80 throughout. The week and on Tuesday and Wednesday it going to be rainy the winds going to be 28mph and theirs even a chance of a smiley face.that humidity is going to be high at 78 and that raps up the weather for this week.

Timothy Obiturary

Timothy's Obituary

Timothy was an orphan. He never knew his mom or dad but he was raised by a woman named Hannah Gumbs. The age of him is unknown. We think he is over 70. His birthplace is unknown. His job was a sailor and Hannah Gumbs would like to say something. Hannah Gums: I got him at a very young age. He was a very mannered little boy and when he was all grown up he went off and became a sailor. I never got to see him and when I got a letter from his passing, I was horrified and all I want to say to you is "I love you". Timothy died from a hurricane after trying to save Phillip's life.

Breaking News On the War

Breaking News On the War

US troops landed on Guadalcanal and Tulagi and seized control of Japanese and occupied territory for the first time. august 7

As many as 400,000 Jews were murdered in occupied Europe during this month alone. august 11

In an attempt to get oil for the war effort President Franklin Roosevelt asks residents of the coal rich states on august 1