Welcome to Grado

a little presentation of the city

A little bit of geography

The island of Grado is located in the north east of italy,external to the lagoon of Venice and Marano,nearly Trieste.

Manaf Abd

Nightwish - Sleeping Sun (full version) by Manaf Abd
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....and history,of course !

The origins of Grado, date back to ancient Roman imperial domination.When the roman called grado "aquae gradatae"and later only "gradus".when the empire fells down,the power of Venice obscured grado for centuries.

only in the 1800 with the austro-hungarian empire,grado became a seaside resort.
since today.

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the economy of Grado

The economy of Grado is principally based on tourism and
There are a lot of restaurants and little bar.

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The weather

On summer,the weather is often hot and sunny,the people in fact call Grado "the island of the sun".
But in the winter,the weather is rainy,windy and sometimes it's can be very cold.
Isn't very suitable for tourism.

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Recommended places to visit

Is adviced to visit:The Church and the Old Town,the Roman ruins,the house of Biagio Marin (he was a poet),the lagoon of Grado,the Island of Barbana,the traditional restaurants(for who wants to try the tipical foods),the little

harbor (better on the sunrise or at the evening)and.....the beach,of course.


Grado is also famous for "grado giallo",a thriller letteral festival.
Grado has got a Congress Palace,an old cinema (unfortunately close),hotel,bar,and a lot of shops.
Grado has got the"blue flag"a symbolic flag who represents clear sea,very useful for increase the tourism

go and see the Island of the Sun

Richard Micoli