Mrs. Moulton Dual Language Class

Weekly Newsletter February 3

101 Day of School!

We will celebrate our 101st day of school on February 5th. This is the same day as Spring class pictures and Spring individual pictures. We will be taking pictures first thing in the morning so please send students in the outfits that you would like to wear for pictures.

After pictures are taken, students may change into puppies if they bring something to change into.

Students are allowed to dress as dalmatians. They can wear withe and black, paint black dots on t-shirts, or even dress in dalmatian costume. We will make hats for all students and plan to paint black noes on each student as well.

Important Dates

Feb 5-- 101 st Day of School PICTURE DAY

Feb 11-- PTO Mtg @ 6:30

Feb 12-- Valentine's Classroom Party

What are we learning?

Social Studies

We are studying Landforms. This unit will tie well with our science unit My world: Rocks, Soil, and Water.


We will learn identifying the main idea in a nonfiction text. We will learn tips on how to identify the main idea and important supporting details. We will learn how to provide evidence from the text to prove our inferences.


This week we will focus on writing Personal Narrative and in Revising and Editing our writing samples.


We will review skip counting and will integrate it with coins. Students will count a collection of mixed coins: pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.


We started discussing different bodies of water including rivers, streams, lakes and oceans. We will talk about Water as a Natural Resource and its uses.

This Week we will have LA and Reading Spanish and Math and Science in English.

Classroom Valentine's Party!

We will have our classroom Valentine's party on Feb 12th from 11:00-12:00. We will have Chick-Fil-A, fruit and sugar cookies. Mrs. Terry Banh is getting our food! We are not allowed to have any kind of HOMEMADE food.

Also, students will exchange Valentine cards with their classmates. Please make sure that your child has a Valentine for every student. We will decorate baggies where students will keep all their Valentines until they are dismissed.


Please monitor your child as she or he addresses each card to make sure they bring a Valentine card for everyone in the class. Also, remind your child to sign their name on each card so that their friends will know who it came from.

Below is a list of the students in our class. Your child may bring his/her Valentines to school beginning Thursday, February 11th.

We appreciate your cooperation and all your help.


Alejandra Andrade

Leyla Bilgen

Lindsey Cornejo

Jazmin Gamez

Bliss Hutchinson

Aria Meeks

Sophie Nguyen

Jennifer Shibu

Naylea Ventura

Rowan Wright

Nadia Vinson

Khayla Yanney


Arnav Ahuja

Felipe Diaz

Zechariah Kong

Oliver Garcia

Raul Ovalle

Isaac Anaya