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September 23, 2021

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Tamanend's Student Assistance Team (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) has been established in schools throughout Pennsylvania with the cooperative support of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Health and Welfare. SAP programs provide schools with the means to identify, refer, and support students who are exhibiting behavioral, academic, or attendance issues that put them at risk. Every secondary school in Central Bucks has a team of dedicated school personnel who are trained to assist students, faculty and family members in identifying problems that impact the student’s ability to function in school. The team can also offer students and their families resources to assist them in alleviating these problems. Click here to read the latest edition of the SAP newsletter.

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Magazine Drive Begins--Friday, September 24

9th Grade Pops Concert--Wednesday, September 29 at 7:00 PM

8th & 9th Grade Back to School Night--Thursday, September 30 at 7:00 PM

Fall Dance--Friday, October 1 at 7:30 PM



  • Player’s Buddies: Volunteer Opportunity to Work with Students with Special Needs and Local Soccer Organization
    PA Rush Soccer is looking for individuals that would like to join our program to be a Buddy. Buddies are boys and girls ages 8+. Buddies will work with our players with special needs, taking directions from our trainers, assisting the players with staying on task and offering guidance. Participating as a Buddy can earn you community service hours. There is no charge to be a Buddy.
    Our goal is to grow the program into a Special Needs league where the players that are able will compete against other clubs. Any questions about the program, please contact: Betsy Grove bgrove@parush.com

  • If you and would like to receive immediate updates on game schedules, cancellations, etc., visit Tamanend Athletics web page and become a “fan” to get alerts for your child’s team.


  • There will be a Swimming and Diving Parent-Athlete Informational meeting for this season on Thursday September 30th at 5:45 pm in Mr. Lake's room at CB South (C131).

Athletics Schedule

Monday, 9/27

  • 7th Grade Field Hockey vs. Unami (Home; 3:15)
  • 7th Grade Soccer vs. Unami (Home; 3:15)
  • 7th Grade Football Scrimmage vs. Lenape/Unami (Home; 3:15)
  • Girls Tennis @ Unami (Away; 3:15); bus leaves at 2:15
  • Boys Tennis vs. Unami (Home; 3:15)

Tuesday, 9/28

  • Volleyball @ Tohickon (Away; 3:15); bus leaves at 2:15

Wednesday, 9/29

  • 7th Grade Field Hockey @ Lenape (Away; 3:15)
  • 7th Grade Soccer @ Lenape (Away; 3:15)
  • Girls Tennis vs. Lenape (Home; 3:15)
  • Boys Tennis @ Lenape (Away; 3:15); bus leaves at 2:15

Thursday, 9/30

  • 8th Grade Field Hockey vs. Unami (Home; 3:15)
  • 8th Grade Soccer vs. Unami (Home; 3:15)
  • 8th Grade Football @ Klinger (Away; 3:15); bus leaves at 2:15
  • Volleyball vs. Lenape (Home; 3:15)

Friday, 10/1

  • No Contests


Reminder--Back to School Nights

7th Grade BTSN will be held Thursday, September 23 at 7:00 pm

8th and 9th Grade BTSN will be held Thursday, September 30 at 7:00 pm


CB Cares Volunteer Teens Partners with Tamanend Community Service Club

Attention students interested in Community Service! CB Cares Volunteer Teens, a district volunteer group, is partnering with our Community Service Club again this year! Students interested in volunteering can join us for an introductory meeting on Wednesday September 29th in Mrs. Higgins’ room (237) from 2:45 – 3:15.

Tamanend's Mock Trial Club Begins Soon

Tamanend’s Mock Trial Club will have its first meeting on Thursday, 9/30 in Mr. Heisey’s room (238) from 2:50-3:50 for all students interested in participating. Mock Trial is an exciting club in which participants hone their speaking, research, and argumentation skills to argue a live court case case. 9th graders have the opportunity to argue a case against other schools as a witness or attorney, and 7th and 8th graders are welcome to join the club as paralegals to help support. Please email Mr. Heisey (JHeisey@cbsd.org) or Mr. Sterner (DSterner@cbsd.org) with any questions.

Please Help Support Tamanend's Snack Cabinet!

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From the Tamanend Prayer Club

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Volunteering at Tamanend

All Central Bucks School District Volunteers play a vital role in supporting the staff, students, sports programs and other activities of our schools.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! We are excited to introduce our NEW contactless application and paperwork submission process to our CBSD volunteers. You can now upload your clearances online through our Volunteer Tracker portal. Please click App Garden- Volunteer Tracker to sign-up and review the clearance requirements. Sign-up is required for both New and Returning Volunteers! The Volunteer Tracker will allow you to sign-up for volunteer opportunities specific to your building and/or classroom of choice. You will receive communication via email to update you on the latest upcoming event(s), clearance expiration, and to review your participation level. Clearances and Background Checks are valid for five (5) years. Click here for required documentation and further information.

Reminder--STEM Club Interest Meeting

There will be a STEM Club interest meeting on Tuesday, September 28th during Advisory in the Cafeteria. Please make sure to check in with your Advisory teacher before reporting to the cafeteria. If you are unable to make the meeting but are interested in participating in STEM club, you can reach out to Mrs. Brumbaugh (kbrumbaugh@cbsd.org), Mrs. Gamble (egamble@cbsd.org) or Ms. Nagle (mnagle@cbsd.org).

Tamanend Pink Out--October 28

On October 28th, our Tamanend Middle School Community will ROAR for a CURE during our annual "Pink Out" to raise funds for cancer patients. This year, the funds we raise will be used to support a local non-profit organization, the Corinne Sikora Wellness and Support Center. Corinne Sikora, a Central Bucks educator for 23 years, died in November 2020 after a tremendous fight against brain cancer. Corinne will forever be remembered for her endless compassion, kindness and determination. Even during her hardest days, Corinne led by example. She looked for ways to provide hope and support to those who needed it the most. The Wellness Support Center was her vision. For this year's Tamanend Pink Out, we hope to honor Corinne's spirit and support cancer patients in our community. The funds from our t-shirt sale will go directly to the center. Ordering will be open until October 2nd and the shirts will arrive in time for the Pink Out. Shirts can be delivered directly to your home or to Tamanend. Please consider purchasing a shirt and "pinking out" at Tamanend Middle School on Thursday, 10/28! Please click here for ordering information.

Reminder--Support October 1st Blood Drive in Honor of Tamanend 8th Grader Gregory Matczak

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Reminder--8th Graders to Participate in Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS)

Our school is taking part in the 2021 Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) sponsored by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. The survey will ask questions about the behaviors of students in the 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grades, including questions about school climate, violence, depression, bullying, and substance abuse.

The information we receive will assist us and our community partners in working to prevent adolescent drug use and other problem behaviors. We want to ensure that all parents and caregivers are notified that the survey is being conducted and provide you with as much information about the survey as possible. As a parent or caregiver, you have the right to prohibit your child’s participation. The following facts about the survey will help you make an informed decision about your child’s participation:

  • Participation in this survey is completely voluntary. Students will be instructed by their proctor that they can skip any questions they do not understand or choose not to answer. If they have any questions or concerns after taking this survey, they are instructed to talk with their school counselor or a trusted adult.
  • The survey is designed to protect each student’s privacy. It is anonymous and confidential. Students will not put their names on the survey, and no student will ever have their individual responses reported.
  • The survey is well tested, having been administered to over 1,000,000 Pennsylvania students since the 1990’s. The information collected has proved invaluable to prevention planners in selecting programming to promote healthy youth development.

You can request a list of the survey questions by visiting this link: http://episcenter.psu.edu/node/599. For more information about the survey, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit www.pays.pa.gov then click on “2021.”

The survey will be administered during the school day during the Week of October 11 and will take one class period to complete. If you do NOT want your child to participate, please email your request to Mrs. Andrea Consoletti at aconsoletti@cbsd.org by September 27, 2021.

Thank you for your help in our efforts to keep our schools drug free and safe for learning. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Kyle Dudley at kdudley@cbsd.org

Reminder--Please Complete Your Annual Emergency Update by October 15

Log on to Parent Portal at www.cbsd.org/parentportal
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Auditions for Jazz Band and Symphonic Swing Ensemble

Whether you play an instrument in one of Mr. Werner's Band classes, a stringed instrument in Mr. Nugent's orchestra, or take private piano or guitar lessons at home, you are invited to audition for Tamanend's Jazz Band and Symphonic Swing Ensemble. Each group rehearses one day a week after-school hours and is a great way to get involved here at Tamanend. Audition music is available in the band room and auditions will take place next week. Please see Mr. Werner in the band room, room 203, if you have any questions and to pick up your audition music.


This week, we reviewed expectations for appropriate behavior in our restrooms. You can read more about SWPBIS here.

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SWPBIS Restroom Expectations


Advisory is a 19-minute period between 2nd and 3rd periods. The purpose of Advisory is to communicate important information to students, engage in wellness activities, and build strong, positive relationships between students and teachers.


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Reminder--Required Masking

As a reminder, at this time, students, staff, and visitors must wear masks inside Tamanend. Any mask exemption forms must be submitted to the Main Office in order for a student to be considered mask exempt. Students who are not on the mask exemption list will be reminded that they are required and expected to wear a mask throughout the school day, except when participating in certain activities as outlined in the CBSD Health & Safety plan. Please have a conversation with your student regarding your family's decision related to masking. Thank you!

Reminder--Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Can Sign Up for Email Blast of Tamanend Daily Announcements

If parent(s)/guardian(s) wish to receive the daily announcements via email blast, they should email Mrs. Donna Kirkpatrick. Daily announcements are always posted under the "Daily Announcements" Section of the Tamanend website for those who do not wish to receive the daily email.

Reminder--Dropping Off Items For Your Child

It's simple to drop off an item for your child! All you need to do is drop the item in the correct grade-level blue bin in the Lobby of our school. Please make sure your child's name is on the item.

Reminder--If You Bring Your Child To School After 7:30

If you bring your child in late to school, please follow this process:

  • ring bell to come in to Lobby
  • write note
  • send student in to Main Office—parents don’t need to come in the Main Office

Reminder--New CBSD Student Absence Reporting System

The Central Bucks School District will be changing the way in which absences are reported, beginning on the first day of school, August 30, 2021. The following items are some key points to be aware of.

  • Parents and guardians will be able to submit absence requests via the Parent Portal. Parents can request a full day absence, early dismissal, or late arrival.
  • Absence requests will be reviewed by school attendance staff and approved or denied.
  • Requests made using the parent portal will also serve as the excuse for the absence. Parents will not be required to submit an excuse either electronic or written.
  • Parents and guardians can also still call the school to report an absence, but emails will no longer be accepted.

In addition, when a student is absent from school, but the school did not receive communication from the parent or guardian, the following communication will be sent:

  • A text message will be sent midmorning notifying the parent or guardian of the absence
  • An email will also be sent at the end of the school day reminding the parent or guardian that the student was marked absent.

Information regarding how to use the Parent Portal to report an absence can be found here.

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Reminder--Communicating Absences

You may report your child's absence in any of the following ways:

Reminder--Parent Drop-Off/Pick-Up & Parking Lot Safety

If parents/guardians decide to drive students to school, please plan enough travel time to allow for safety and congestion on Stuckert Road and in our school parking lot. The speed limit in our lot is 15 mph.

Below is a map of how the student drop-off works in our parking lot. Drop off should only happen along the sidewalk at the Athletics Entrance as indicated by the red dot on the map. For your safety and the safety of our students, please follow these directions and do not drop your student off on Stuckert Road, the Visitor's Parking area, or in the middle of the Main Parking Area.

When dropping off your child, please remember that YOU SHOULD ONLY MAKE A RIGHT-HAND TURN INTO/OUT OF THE PARKING LOT. Please stay to the right of the parking lot, along the sidewalk, all the way up to the Cafeteria/Gym Entrance. Pull up as far as you can when the cars in front of you clear, and let your child out there.

When picking up your child, please remember that YOU SHOULD ONLY MAKE A RIGHT-HAND TURN INTO THE PARKING LOT. The line of traffic will extend back toward the baseball field (Kelly Rd.). Please stay in the line of traffic and continue moving up as the car(s) in front of you move up. If we follow this procedure, all cars we be gone by 2:40.

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Reminder--Middle School Physical Education Attire

Students are not required to purchase a CBSD issued physical education uniform; however, students will be required to change into athletic attire and sneakers to participate safely and practice good hygiene. Student attire must adhere to the dress code guidelines presented in the student handbook. CB locks will still be required to purchase to ensure personal items are secured in a locker. Locks are available for purchase on MyPaymentsPlus.



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This event will feature a keynote presentation designed to educate attendees on the stigma that surrounds mental health, while empowering and instilling hope. Two panel discussions will also take place: "Navigating the System," presented by CBSD social workers, and "From the Experts: Mental Health and Wellness," featuring a team of mental health and educational experts who will share supports and insight on mental health and wellness. More than 20 local mental health service providers will also be on site. Visit www.CBSD.org/crushingstigma_register to get event updates, reminders, and to register for childcare if needed. Open to students and adults.

Reminder--Doylestown YMCA Offers Free Memberships for 7th Graders

Did you know that the Doylestown YMCA offers free memberships for 7th Graders? Click here to read all about this great opportunity.

Reminder--Empower U: Growing Stronger

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Reminder--Healthy Kids Running Series – Get Up and Go!

The Healthy Kids Running Series is returning to Doylestown this Fall! This 5 week running program is for kids ages Pre-K through 8th Grade. Races take place once a week on Sunday afternoons and offer age appropriate running events including the 50 and 75 yard dashes, the 1/4 mile, the 1/2 mile and the one mile run. Every series athlete will receive a Healthy Kids Running Series race shirt. Come on out for a great time supporting a great cause!

Race Dates: Sundays September 12-October 10

Time: 4:00 –5:00 pm

Place: Camp Curiosity, 4425 Landisville Road, Doylestown, PA 18902

Register online at: http://www.healthykidsrunningseries.org/race_locations/doylestown-pa/

Email Ryan at hkrsdtown@gmail.com with any questions.



Reminder--Required 7th Grade Dental Exams

Dental exams are required for all 7th Graders by October 15, 2021. Any exam given since September 1, 2020 is acceptable. Please have your student turn in his or her dental exam form directly to the Health Office. Click here for dental form.
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Reminder--Free Breakfast and Lunch for All Tamanend Students for 2021-2022 School Year

In April 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service extended the program that will provide for free meals for all students, regardless of income, for the 2021-22 school year. This has been made possible by nationwide waivers that provide for free meals for all students through June 2022.

All menus are available to be viewed online up to 2 weeks in advance by visiting cbsd.nutrislice.com.

Students are entitled to one complete reimbursable breakfast per day and one complete reimbursable lunch per day. Any second entrée or a la carte snack item will be charged to the students’ lunch account. We encourage all families to put money on their students account through MySchoolBucks.com as there will be no cash transactions this year to serve the students as safely and swiftly as possible.

We are thrilled to continue to safely serve students delicious, fresh, and nutritious meals at no charge, and we are equally excited to re-introduce our favorite programs to deliver fun, exciting, and tasty experiences to students throughout the coming year.

Please note: If your child has participated in the free and reduced meal program in the past, we encourage you to apply again as participation allows for eligibility in other programs. You can find the application here: Food Services / Free & Reduced Lunch Application (cbsd.org)


CB Farmer's Market at Barclay Elementary School

Any Central Bucks family who may need a little extra food assistance is welcome to join us on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month at Barclay Elementary School. Our drive-up food distributions run from 4:30 to 5:30 PM. We generally have free dry goods, fresh produce, milk, eggs, and bread, and often have some frozen meat and poultry. At each event we pass out an average of 12,000-15,000 pounds of food.

The CB Farmers Market started in 2019 as a monthly market that distributed free produce. At the start of the pandemic, we recognized a significant need in our community, with many families needing food assistance for the first time in their lives. As our operations grew, so did our network of amazing individuals and community organizations—all of whom are committed to addressing food insecurity in the Central Bucks School District. By our estimates, 1,500 CB children may experience temporary or chronic food insecurity—a statistic which should not exist in a community with our resources.

Our completely volunteer-run and managed organization was founded on two beliefs: 1) During times of need, which we all experience in one form or another, we should be able to count on the compassion and support of our neighbors; and 2) Our community’s collective commitment to our children is a bond much stronger than all of the other forces that might otherwise divide us.

Help with Resources

If you are experiencing a financial hardship, please know that the staff members listed below can help you and your family. We can provide assistance with food, clothing, field trips, student fees, internet access, and other issues. Please don't hesitate to contact us:

Brian Caughie, Principal bcaughie@cbsd.org

Kyle Dudley, Assistant Principal kdudley@cbsd.org

Lauren Myrtetus, Certified School Nurse lmyrtetus@cbsd.org

Jeff Klein, Guidance Counselor jklein@cbsd.org

Mandy Cammann, Guidance Counselor mcammann@cbsd.org

Housing Information

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Para nuestras familias hispanohablantes...

¡Bienvenidos a Tamanend! Yo soy Brian Caughie, Director de Tamanend Middle School. Soy hispanohablante. Pasé mucho de mi vida en España. Estoy aquí para apoyarles a todos los estudiantes y familias en Tamanend. Favor de llamarme or escribirme (en inglés o en español) si Ud. tiene cualquier duda o pregunta.

Correo electrónico: bcaughie@cbsd.org

Oficina: (267) 893-2900


Ways to Stay Connected with Tamanend

Here is a list of ways Tamanend communicates with students, families, and the community:

  • Tamanend website: includes important information, resources, calendar of school events, and daily announcements
  • Calendar of school events (posted on our website)
  • Good Morning Tamanend daily announcements (emailed to parents* and students each morning, scrolling on TV screens during school day and posted on our website) *parents should email Mrs. Donna Kirkpatrick at dkirkpatrick@cbsd.org if they would like to have the daily announcements emailed to them directly
  • TV show (weekly, during Advisory period)
  • Email blasts from Tamanend administration regarding important news, new procedures, and reminders
  • Parent Portal: student information, grades, and attendance
  • Tamanend Connections newsletter: useful information, important reminders, and school highlights emailed weekly during school year and posted on Tamanend website
  • Twitter: @CBTamanendMS highlights of activities, events, and daily life at Tamanend
  • CBSD app: highlights of activities, events, and daily life in Central Bucks

TMS Parent Council

Thursday, Oct. 21st, 9am

Tamanend Middle School

Parent Council is an open meeting where all parents are welcome to attend to learn more about Tamanend Middle School. Parent Council typically meets on the third Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. There is no obligation to attend all Parent Councils and there are no elected positions. Parent Council is a forum for parents and school leaders to learn from and with each other, together.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Share Good News About Tamanend Students

Tamanend students make a difference in our community. Share your story about the accomplishments and good work of a Tamanend student with Dr. Caughie at bcaughie@cbsd.org so that he may highlight this good news in an upcoming edition of Tamanend Connections.

How Did We Do This Week?

We value your feedback. Click here to leave a comment, share with us what you like best about Tamanend, and share with us how we can improve our school.

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