Death Penalty

By Mark Parr

Death penalty is wrong

I think that the death penalty is wrong because killing people isn't really the answer to punishment. I know that this is wrong because people have been killed for a crime they didn't even commit. It has happened a bunch of times and the evidence comes after they get executed to show that person didn't do it. Another reason why is that if they are killed right away then there live ends and that is it. But if they go to prison they can rot in there for the crime they commuted. One other reason is that sometimes when people go to jail they come out as a new person. If you get the death penalty, you aren't able to prove that because your dead. And finally, one last reason is because after a while of the death penalty, people could get executed just because of there race. If we allow the death penalty the past will become the future.

Counterclaim #1

Some people say that it costs too much money for prison and they should just kill them, but according to scientist, if there are prisons instead of death penalty, the death rate of the country will go down and the country can populate much more.

Counterclaim #2

Some people say that some people deserve the death penalty and that they should get killed for what they have done. But according to an newspaper there has been 7% of death penalty's have killed an innocent person and then later evidence comes that they should have not been killed

Counterclaim #3

There are still a lot of people that don't agree on prison and want to give death penalty. But according to articles, most people that go to prison change there behavior and how they acted so they don't go back to prison. If the death penalty is given on the other hand, they can't prove that