Whitney Wolves Weekly Update

6. It is a privilege to simply be alive. 9/11/2020


Dear Parents and families,

It warms my heart to think that with all of the challenges of implementing technology, students have already stepped up to the challenge. Students are working live in the classrooms as well as via TEAMs.

Teachers are also working hard to learn and implement the new expectations. Yes, this may cause some challenges with chat, or uploading or even having one to one time with the instructor. I ask that we all work together and troubleshoot the problems with patience. Overall the first week went pretty well. To help children become more independent please have your child work directly with the teacher or support staff. This is a hands on learning experience for them. If your child has problems after each live lesson please feel free to contact them directly, or you may wish to join the EPS Students and Families Technology Support Team, or view the tech support videos found on the EPS website, or even contact EDTECHHELP@enfieldschools.org.

If your child is participating in a live lesson please share with them that it is important to focus on the content of the instruction. We have noticed that some students are having 'chat' conversations about various video games and off-topic discussions during lessons. Please note that the teacher will reinforce the technology expectations with their classrooms.

All in all, great start to the beginning of school year 2020-21!

On another note:

An iPad in the hands of every student here in Enfield is an incredible opportunity and a bright spot that has come out of the last six months. Enfield's 1:1 device initiative is an interactive opportunity for students to engage in live and remote instruction delivered by their classroom teachers. Like many initiatives, there are challenges, and distribution and setup are among them.

If you still need to pick up your child's iPad, we have a couple of different options to offer:

1) You may set up an appointment to pick up the iPad during the school day by calling the main office. Mrs. Souer and Mrs. Lawlor will be happy to assist you.

2) We will send your child's iPad home with them at the end of the day if you send in a completed Technology Loss/Damage Waiver with your child. We can only do so if the waiver is complete and submitted. The waiver is on the last page of the Technology Handbook, which can be found here: http://www.enfieldschools.org/tech_support/handbook2

If you are still having difficulty setting up your student's iPad and need help, please contact EdTechHelp@enfieldschools.org


Mrs. Flanaghan