3 Goals for the End of the Semester

College 1

1) Get My Driving Permit

I've been meaning to get my permit for a very long time, but I just never got around to it. Once I finally did, I failed the test. That made me extremely discouraged, and I did not want to take it again. However, after about 5 months, I worked up the courage to schedule another appointment. My appointment's on Friday, so I will spend this whole week studying and taking practice tests.

2) Get a Job

Right now I'm in that awkward stage where my parents won't give me money anymore, but I don't have a job either. So I've decided to try and look for a job. This has been extremely difficult because I tend to get social anxiety. However, I have been getting better at learning how to talk to strangers. I've been looking around my town for places that are hiring. I should also be asking employees if there are any job openings.

3) Start a Regular Exercise Regimen

I always tell myself that I need to start exercising, but for some reason I just never do it. I'm always looking for emotional outlets and I think this would be a very effective one. The one thing that I have a problem with is motivation. I think that the best way to solve this problem is to have my friends or parents work out with me. Having someone there who knows what they're doing would be extremely helpful.