January Newsletter

Month's ending in Y, why oh why?

Statistically, month's ending in Y are rough on everyone in direct sales. However, Andrea & I each rocked two parties in January!
  • Andrea -- $797.50! Way to keep momentum during a rough month!
  • Amy -- $1750 -- I've had my fair share of Y months & planned ahead this year!
  • Don't let February, May, & July PASS YOU BY!

Welcoming NEW "Hearts"

  • Marybeth Robinson joined on Jan. 12th & lives in Columbus, OH! PLUS, Marybeth attended her 1st Celebrate & Connect meeting in January!
  • Kathy Leuszler joined on Jan. 19th & lives in Grove City, OH!

Special Dates:

  • 2/11 - Team Facebook Party tonight! Woohoo!!
  • 2/11 - 9:00pm Cindy's Opportunity Webcast
  • 2/15 - Heart of Her Nominations Due
  • 2/26 - Registration for April Celebrate & Connect begins. This C&C includes Summer Product Reveal!!
  • 3/15 - LAST day for Opportunity to Join Incentive
  • 4/05 - Tentative date for my Celebrate & Connect in Ohio
  • 4/30 - LAST day for earning National Conference Stars

I'm here for each of you, just let me know what you need. XOXO - Amy Breza, Independent Director

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