The (NOT) Civil War

By Emma & Abbie

Union & Confederate Armies

Both the Union and Confederate armies didn't think the Civil War would last long. Robert E. Lee was asked to be the commander for the Union, but he declined and became the commander of the Confederacy. The North was fighting to free the slaves and to keep the Union together. The South was fighting to keep slavery and to break the Union. Both armies had a draft to gain more soldiers. Abe Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation to free slaves who were fighting for the Union.

Conditions on the Home Front

There were many differences between the North and the South, but one similarity was that there was new job opportunities for women because a lot of men were away at war.


There was anger surrounding the draft and the ability for people to pay their way out. Because of that, riots began in New York.

There were many problems in the South that were more serious than the North's problems. The North troops were taking over their land and there was shortage in food and water. There was major stealing in south and their homes and farms were getting destroyed. The South is now slowly losing the Civil War.

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