Should you Vaccinate for Measles?

By Nate Bachta

Reasons Why you should vaccinate

Measles- If a child isn't vaccinated for measles they have a good chance of getting the disease. There is a 90% chance that someone else with measles could spread it around to others. 1 out of 20 (5%) of the children who get infected with measles will die. There are also about 6,000 side effects that could happen. Even though there is a small chance, the side effects can weaken the body's immune system and cause death which makes the chance of death to about 25%
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Side Effects From Measles

There are a bunch of side effects possible from measles.
Early Side Effects-
Muscle Aches
High Fever
Red, water eyes
White Inner Cheeks
Side Effects with Infection-
5% chance of pneumonia
10% chance of ear infection
1-2 out of 1000 get a brain infection

Fun Fact!

Measles real disease name is rubella!
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Vaccinate Today!

You should Vaccinate enspecially at a young age so that you dont have problems in your adulthood and possibly die :-(

Why you should not vaccinate.

If you get vaccinated then you have a 99.9% chance of not getting the disease from it. Usually vacinations include a small amount of the disease but about every 1 in 1000 people that take a vacination get the infection. If there was 1 person who was non-vaccinated in a room with 1000 other people who aren't vaccinated, 999 people would actually get the measles, so its a pretty high chance of them getting measles if they are around someone with measles. It starts very small and grows rapidly. It can be very deadly if you dont vaccinate for measles.
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