The Renaissance

Chelsey S. 1st

What was the change associated with the Renaissance?

The renaissance occurred in Italy from the 1300's to the 1600's; it was the rebirth of art and learning. City- states began to flourish due to trade and citizens became more involved in political life because of the drop in the population. The most important change of the Renaissance was its secular ways and its focus on the individual.

Who were the people associated with this change?

How did this change impact society during this time period?

The Renaissance brought about secularism to Italy and the concept of Humanism. During this time period, Individuals became the center of attention and isolated themselves from the church. Their options expanded causing them to feel as if they could accomplish anything. People could move up in social status depending on their wealth and abilities instead of birthright. Additionally, people began to think differently and developed the concept of humanism. They studied the ideas of classical civilizations and believed that educations was the path to success.

How is this change evident in today's modern society?

The changes implemented during the Renaissance is still evident today. For example, social status is still based off of wealth. One can move up and down in social status with an increase or decrease in wealth. Additionally, individuals still remain the center of attention. They still believe that they can achieve anything simply by being educated.